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What happened to Nevaeh Kingbird? | Dateline: Missing in America

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🗓️ 31 May 2023

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We’re sharing a special preview of the second episode of an all-new season of Dateline: Missing in America. Dateline’s Andrea Canning tells the story of Nevaeh Kingbird, a 15-year-old girl who left her family’s house in Bemidji, Minnesota in 2021 and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Listen carefully to the details, descriptions and clues offered by family, friends and investigators. Something you hear might jog a memory that could help authorities crack a case. Follow Dateline: Missing in America and listen now: https://link.chtbl.com/mias2_fdlw

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Hi, I'm Andrea Canning with a preview from the new season of Dateline,


Missing in America. This is the story of Naveia Kingbird.


It's just after dawn and people are climbing out of their trucks.


It's so cold they can see their breath. They got word on Facebook to meet at the Eagles Club.


They've got miles to walk before sundown.


Probably everybody who showed up.


They set out across the south end of Bemidji.


It's a small city in northern Minnesota that sits near three Native American reservations


and hugs a lake with the same name. They're here to follow this man, Daniel Wind.


I'm not going to quit. Uncle's going to find her.


He's looking for any sign of his 15-year-old niece, Naveia.


If she's out there, you know, we got to we got to find her.


In the winter of 2021, Daniel and dozens of volunteers spent days on end searching for her,


hiking through woods and brush and along railroad tracks.


Yeah, I still got a few miles. I'm just going to go.


Teddy Wind is Daniel's sister and Naveia's mother.


I couldn't feel the cold. I couldn't even feel if I walked four miles that day.


The dinner bothered me because I was looking for my child.


Naveia is still missing, but Teddy has seen her in her dreams.


A girl with a cheeky smile and a blonde streak in her dark hair.


She said she loved me and she missed me and that she was sorry.


And Teddy has recorded a message for Naveia. It's on her voicemail, just in case she calls.


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