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Week 7 Preview, Tom Fornelli On B1G Return, And Our Lawyer Mike Portnoy

Pardon My Take

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🗓️ 23 October 2020

⏱️ 118 minutes

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Week 7 is here and we watch the end of the Giants/Eagles game live. Daniel Jones with an all time hilarious run and face plant (2:27 - 14:19). Week 7 picks and games we're looking forward to including the Contender Bowl between the Titans and Steelers, and a Seahawks game that will undoubtedly get weird (14:19 - 35:10) . Cant Lose Parlay and Fantasy Fuccbois (35:10 - 44:52). Tom Fornelli joins the show to preview the B1G coming back, what teams can win the conference, and best bet of the weekend (44:52 - 75:57). Our lawyer Mike Portnoy joins the show to talk Jeffrey Toobin, being addicted to chasing the local news, the IRS not letting him hassle other people and more (75:57 - 102:56). We finish the show with Fyre Fest of the Week.

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Hey part of my take listeners you can find every episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube.


Prime members can listen, add free on Amazon Music.


On today's part of my take I hope Hank is recording this.


We're getting the energy going in here.


We're actually taping entire episode of it and Hank forgot to press the cord.


So we're going to do the exact same show a second time.


Brother, we got Tom Furnnelli, Big Ten Football, good friend of the show.


We got a lot of teeth of Hank's thoughts.


We also have our lawyer, Mr. Portney, been a while and Billy, we're recording.


Billy, they were watching the game while we were recording.


Mr. Portney back on the show, I'll be honest, the conversation made very little sense,


but it was very, very funny.


I was laughing very hard.


Yeah, I mean it made sense if you know Mr. Portney.


Right, but it also even then it kind of didn't make a lot of sense.


We kind of were just all talking in circles.


It was a lot like the debate.


Yeah, very, very funny.


So we're going to get to all that some picks.


Can't lose parlay, will not lose, guaranteed or your money back, but not actually because


that's not the deal, but it won't lose.


Call 100 again, but if you have a problem, all right, part of my take is brought to you


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