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We're back! Glass Case of Emotion 2023 reunion show

Glass Case of Emotion Podcast

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🗓️ 8 June 2023

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On this special reunion episode of Ryan Blaney's 'Glass Case of Emotion' podcast, Ryan, Kim and Chuck get the band back together for the first time since 2021 to talk Blaney's big Coca-Cola 600 win, the state of Marvel movies and current life events for the 3 head Glassholes.

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I'm gonna tell you what that intro gets me fired up every time. Yeah, it's been a long time. It was like it was like Christmas Eve last night. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't sleep. No, I slept really good, but I got like three hours of sleep. Yeah, yeah, but I was sleeping on the couch. So that's probably what


what? Yeah, a long story. We can go into that later, but you know, I mean, there's a small person at the house now. So, you know, trying to ease in a lot of his


change. So in the, let me see here in the 21 months, yeah, 95 weeks, 664 days, 15,921 hours, and almost a million minutes, which the


minutes are changing the count. The count is off already. Yeah, I sent it out yesterday. It's different than it was. Yeah, I guess


would be different when when people listen to it. Yeah, yeah, big changes. It's a big change. To that end, like, you know, everybody was like, oh, when we


announced that we're doing the podcast, like to the thing of like big things happen when we do the podcast, I met a girl, we announced that we're going to do it.


Everybody's like, Oh, he won the race. Blaney won the code call. It's a hundred. You'll have to do a class case now. Well, little did they know. We had already had it in the


works. I think I kind of think it's like the vortex theory. So like we put it into the universe that we were going to do


another episode in the universe is like, we got to get him to victory lane. Yeah, that's yeah, people. So we talked about this one for probably a month. We were supposed to


I'm going to open this for quick. Sorry. We were supposed to do it the week leading into all star originally. Yes. And it didn't line up. And now we're doing it. And it's just like, oh, we're like a


week removed from Charlotte. And it just kind of happened to work out. Yeah, we talked about it for a little bit. You know, it's been a long off


period. And I think everyone kind of missed it. And we're like, well, let's just let's do an episode. It'd be kind of fun to talk about what's


happened in the last almost two years, two years. Obviously, I'm learning new things about Charles. Yeah. And yeah, I'm really excited that a lot of


people wanted it to come back. And I think when we announced that everyone was super pumped as well. Yeah. All the feedback. I mean, I get asked every day, every week for the last


almost two years, when the glass case coming back. I miss glass case. Yeah. It's good for 95 weeks. Yeah. I forgot to count down here. Yeah. Yeah. So we ended the racetrack. Oh, we miss glass case. I really like that show. It's a good show. No, I'm I'm curious, though, because we've been away for so long. And there have been new fans that have been introduced the sport, because I saw some feedback like on some of those stuff posted to promote it where people are like, what is this?


I'm wondering how many new people will go back and start from the beginning and listen to the pot. It's a big commitment. Yeah. I don't know. Would you would you go back and listen to the like? Would I? Yeah. I don't like to listen to my own voice. So that's a no. But if you discovered a new podcast, you're like, Oh, I like this. And this folks were like three years in. Would you go back and watch? I have. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Last podcast on the left. Like I've gone back and listened to. I don't know how much or like shows. The same thing was


shows like TV shows. You get invested in the characters and the people. And you're like, Oh, I want to hear. Yeah, you don't find out until like later it came out. Like I listened to, although it's not that old,


Dalai Parton's America. That was a good podcast. It's a big commitment. I don't know. Yeah. Like Game of Thrones. Everyone's like, Oh, you got to watch. I watched the last season of Game of Thrones.


I see only season. I was without any of the others. Yeah. No idea. And everyone who got to go back and watch it. I'm like, I can't commit that much


time. And then I watched House of Dragon. I had no idea. Everyone's like, Oh, these references to House of Dragon is amazing. I'm like, Yeah,


I don't really know. I just a good show, though. I don't know. They came out when we were like, we haven't even been together since that show came out.


Have House of Dragon. Yeah. House of Dragon was amazing. Yeah. And me not knowing a lot about Game of Thrones. I thought it was a great show.


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