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WANTED: Answers from a Deputy

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True Crime

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🗓️ 20 August 2018

⏱️ 34 minutes

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When Terrance Williams goes missing, most law enforcement officers consider him a low-priority; He wanted, or needed, to disappear. But when his last known location is with Deputy Steven Calkins, suspicions are raised as to whether or not this is a random disappearance, or a plotted out crime.

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Hi, Crime Genkies. I'm Ashley Flowers and I'm Britt.


Today I have a super exciting story for you guys. I have been following this for a long time.


It's one of the ones that like keeps me up at night.


But if after the episode you want a little bit more, we're actually releasing some extra bonus content on Patreon.


This Monday was my last Monday doing the radio show I do in Indianapolis.


And so I decided to take all of the stories that I've been doing on that radio show and make them extra content.


So on Patreon, in addition to the full episodes and many episodes that everyone is already getting,


I am now going to start re-releasing episodes Crime Genkies style.


I'm super excited because I get to weigh in on them.


Yeah, and there are stories that like a lot of people haven't heard.


I know our listeners in Indianapolis have been listening to my radio show for the last year.


But this time everyone all over the world can listen now and in our format.


Super excited. Again, you can go to patreon.com slash crime junkie for that extra episode today.


We're actually going to put a clip of the bonus episode at the end of this one. So stay tuned.


For today's story, I am taking you to Naples, Florida in January of 2004.


A 27 year old man named Terrence Williams had recently moved to Florida following his mother there.


He went there to find work because he actually had four kids with four different women back in Tennessee


and making child support was becoming increasingly difficult for him. So he goes down to Florida


and gets a job in construction. And in addition to his job in construction, Terrence actually ends


up getting a job at Pizza Hut as well just to put some extra cash in his pocket.


Now Terrence had recently lost his driver's license back in Tennessee because of a DUI.


So he relied on his mother to take him to and from work each day.


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