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Waka Flocka Flame, Sweet 16 Is Set And Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Pardon My Take

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🗓️ 23 March 2021

⏱️ 95 minutes

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The Sweet 16 is set and we do a Mike Francesca impression re-seeding the tournament off the top of our head (2:16 - 10:58). Adding to the one shining moment list and other recap thoughts from the weekend (10:58 - 16:16). Pro Days are back (16:16 - 24:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne and Cinnamon Toast Crunch is trending (24:30 - 50:60). Waka Flocka Flame joins the show to talk about his career, NBA Scouting, being a dad and more (50:60 - 78:57). We finish with FAQ's

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Hey part of my take listeners you can find every episode on Apple podcast Spotify or YouTube prime members can listen ad free on Amazon music.


On today's part of my take we have walk a flock of flame.


Awesome interview with him very cool guy.


He was awesome I like him I want to be friends with them I want him in the studio also want to feel like we could want inside of us we can just vibe in our studio.


We got on a track we got to get on a track but also not exercising just saying sunny digital whenever we drop sunny digital but anyone and they're like what yeah it's cool.


It was honestly like when we said sunny digital him he the surprise that he had yeah I felt a little disrespected like we don't look like we could be best from the sunny digital.


Yeah it was awesome. All right so we got that we got some wrap up of the first two rounds we had our Monday tournament which was very bizarre feeling wise but we have our sweet 16 set.


Hotsy cool thrown FAQ stay woke on shrimp and cinnamon toast crunch from Billy football who is back with us.


I know everyone missed them I got a bunch of tweets so we're going to have a great show it's going to be a great Wednesday we're brought to you by our friends at Chevy the Chevy Silverado is the strongest most advanced Silverado ever Silverado was strong advanced dependable hard working if you're thinking about becoming a truck person Chevy Silverado is the only answer.


It is an awesome truck an awesome awesome truck you feel like boss when you're driving in your Chevy Silverado tailgating hauling towing off roading moving day helping out your friends and family members just being a general truck guy or girl there is no better feeling in the world you are the king of the road.


You're the king of the neighborhood everyone looks you like hey that's the person that I want to hang out with because they drive the most advanced Silverado ever the strongest most advanced most dependable most hard working Silverado of all time so thank you to our friends at Chevy Silverado the greatest truck ever created if you're thinking about becoming a truck person Chevy Silverado is the answer.


Okay let's go.


It's part of my team.


Welcome to part of my take is ended by the Chevy Silverado the strongest most advanced Silverado ever today is Wednesday March 24th and I have officially entered college basketball withdrawal my body shaking the schedule was weird because Monday it felt like a Monday night football game when you have something to look forward to all day that first day back at work and then on Tuesday there's no Mac.


There's no Mac. You love the Mac. I always appreciated it as kind of like a hair the dog from the weekend.


Yes a little football to get you out of all the football and so there should be basketball game on Jake pointed out that was at the CBA CBI CBI CBI CBI CBI.


I'm more of whatever one the pineapple tournament was.


I mean is playing tonight I bet on Bellarmine on my I say how I want to say I got that they began the season I want I'll say it how I want where's Bellarmine I think I know it's talking or no it's it yeah it's in.


It's okay Louis Louisville yeah okay Bellarmine is going to be playing tonight I'm excited for that game so yeah no there was I woke up today and I was like wait we don't just have college basketball forever I actually thought about it how many more days could you have done that I probably


I probably would have had one more day in me of just eating garbage and watching college basketball wall wall and then I would have been like all right I need to go back to regular life it's essentially it was like a four or five day bachelor party when you're on a bachelor party and you have that moment you look around you're like


should we just like get a place together and just do this all the time and then you wake up the next morning you're like holy fuck I need to go back to my family in my regular life and just like try to sleep a little bit drink some water yeah regular people things so so me and Hank and bubble we got out of there on Monday morning and that's the move just like a bachelor party not staying that extra day coming back kind of felt like a normal human but there is there's something about being really lazy that makes you feel lazier.


You know like I was exhausted from doing absolutely nothing. Yes all weekend except what I wasn't doing nothing you know what self cares important I was I was actually mentally stimulating myself the entire time was thinking very hard using critical analysis I was working very hard at doing nothing but you still even though you don't do shit all day you feel exhaust I felt more tired than if I had run like a half marathon easily easily but we're we're gonna pick up the piece we got sweet 16 on Saturday night.


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