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Vin Baker

Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles

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🗓️ 5 December 2023

⏱️ 75 minutes

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It’s all about Vin Baker this week! The best-kept secret out of Connecticut joins the pod to talk about his journey from University of Hartford to 4x NBA All-Star to Milwaukee Bucks assistant coach. Vin looks back on his years facing off against some of the NBA’s greatest centers, being an original member of Jordan Brand, winning a championship as a coach, the power of vulnerability and overcoming addiction. Tune in for the full story!

  1. Old Saybrook, summer hoops in Florida, UConn camp
  2. University of Hartford, ‘America’s Best-Kept Secret’ article, NBA draft experience
  3. Playing against Pat Ewing, Zo, Olajuwan, etc.
  4. Glenn Robinson’s $100 mil, Jordan Brand, Seattle Supersonics
  5. Gary Payton, NY Knicks, taking mental health seriously
  6. Getting hired by the Bucks, Giannis and Dame, winning a championship
  7. 2000 Olympics and Vince Carter’s dunk

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First of all bro, we appreciate you coming on the show out Jordan bread brother. You know, just thank you for giving us the time with you bro.


Thanks for having me. I appreciate your having me here man. I'm honored to be honor. When you first got to the league who was the first person to bust your


ass? It was a few people. I would say Carl Malone was my first real


introduction but the thing about Carl I would say Carl Malone was my first real introduction.


But the thing about Carl was,


like it was a side screen of role in the cross,


the cross screen action.


So he got 40 and you never really you felt like what just


happened? It was 40 and 15 I'm looking at the statute like he just had 40 and


15. Utah they run down the 40 and 15. Utah.


They run down the court and cross every single time.




Then John Stock and sitting them strong little picks on y'all right,


and its arms is like. Yeah, and he holding the


screen too, it's not like the screens said today he really hitting you.


So it was called and I say my first introduction before a call was Sean Kemp.


Kemp got me in the preseason.


It was, it was terrifying.


It was everything that I imagined was gonna be. It was in Milwaukee but the rain was, he came, he brought it. So, yeah.




Yo, yo, we live on location. We here in Orlando, City Beautiful. I got the blackest one and we're coming to you live on location with a special special guest man we got some of that 90s real real


o g basketball in the building we got the original team member from the Jordan brand


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