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🗓️ 29 December 2022

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Sofia just won the World Cup! Joined by Lola and Lucas, the Slootlyn’s give us a play by play on their Argentinian adventure consisting of (but not limited to) a hostage situation, getting flashed by Argentinian men on TWO separate occasions, and for some reason, another week of incestual behavior. Love a good family trip! Happy New Year Sloots, see you in 2023! Follow Sofia on Instagram and Twitter @SofiaFranklyn Find merch HERE: https://sofiafranklyn.com/ To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: https://www.audacyinc.com/privacy-policy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit https://podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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Hi everybody, welcome to Sofia with an F. Welcome back. I took last week off. I was traveling.


I am back and I'm at WTF Media Studios. Period. The only place to record at their New York


location. I've not been to their LA location but that is also available and I've heard it's dope. Subscribe. That's the next thing I'm going to say before I jump into the episode is subscribe to this shit because not only is my YouTube channel


like incredible just to watch the podcast but I did an entire vlog on my family trip. All right. And it's it's inappropriate. I'm going to get demonetized on YouTube. It's out of control but without further ado. Let me introduce my mom and my brother. Hi guys.


Hi guys. Hey, this is going to be a family episode. I figured it's like we're ending the holidays. It's about to be New Years and we just want kind of like that warm fuzzy feeling that we as a family are not about to give you under any circumstances. We'll introduce yourself.


Hi guys. I'm Lucas Franklin. I've been on the show before. I'm so fierce brother. Yeah. It's my third time back. I love it. I'm excited. That's how he intros everything. It's like when you're in college and you have to do an icebreaker. You like hand Lucas Franklin. Not sure if you know Sofia Franklin. I'm her younger brother. No.


No. No. But you use me for just a few little. No. Okay. Mom, go ahead and introduce yourself. Hi. I'm Lola and I'm Sofia and Lucas's mom. And here we are to talk about our crazy.


Last few days. So let's talk about the trip. I don't even know where to start. And Slut, you guys know. I mean, you guys have both been on multiple episodes. So everyone here knows everybody. All right.


Our trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We just landed yesterday. It was the trip from hell. Like no, my mom's already going to like start screaming. It was the most incredible experience. Best trip I've ever been on.


The worst craziest experience in my life. Okay. I could agree with that. Did I sum it up pretty well? Yeah, pretty you hit the nail with it. The best and worst. But it ended on a good note. And that's what matters. Yeah.


The last day of the trip is incredible. Then you can just go and write off everything that happened in the middle. Let's start with how we fought almost every single day. Yes. We usually we will get into it on family trips. This shit was different.


Different. Lucas, why do you think it was different? I honestly want to say that me and Sophia us quitting nicotine had some form to do with it. Definitely.


They decided that day to quit vaping. Yeah. We had a vape for the first two days that died in me and Sophia were like, oh shit. Yeah. We're in Argentina. Let's take this chance to start to stop vaping. I think that added to it.


I think the biggest factor. There were so many factors. I think the biggest one is mom. Of course.


There we go again. This is what happened. It's all the fault. Oh, every thing was my fault. No, you. A could be going to men of pause. I know to give away your age or anything. It's great. It's fun.


We quit nicotine. There was someone who was on their period. And both of us and emotions were very, very high because I think the main reason is your relationship with Argentina.


Absolutely. You were born there. I was born there. I was yanked from there when I was 15 without having any say essentially.


And you went to Ormute. Ormuteau places. Imagine leaving one of the biggest cities in the world. It was traumatic. And I still kind of put it in a little box and tucked it away. I never really think about it too much.


But every time I go something wild happens. And so I'm always on defense. Like what's going to happen this time? Oh, we know. We know you're always on the fence. I was so excited to finally show Lucas Argentina because he had never been Sofia had been twice.


So to me, very emotional to have both of my kids, my favorite people. I'm going to start crying. My mom start mom. You start crying on the job of when Queen Elizabeth died.


I cried. My mom started bawling. We're not in London. We're not in England. I don't know her. Really. So it must be men of pause. Yes. I know.


What does she cry out? Dude, she started crying. How many times on the trip? She literally we were at dinner one day and we were enjoying. Oh, it's breakfast. Yeah, I'm sure I cried out of both breakfast.


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