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UNSOLVED: The Kuria Family Murders

Black Girl Gone: A True Crime Podcast


True Crime

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🗓️ 13 November 2023

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On August 1, 2007, 3 members of the Kuria family were found murdered. Jane, and her daughters Isabelle and Annabelle were found beaten to death inside their Powder Springs, GA home. Jane's 7 year old son Jeremey and their 11 year old cousin were also beaten but had survived the brutal attack. 16 years after this brutal crime, the person or people responsible have not been caught. SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR! Visit LifeMD.com/GIRLGONE today and see why LifeMD is America’s most trusted leader in virtual healthcare Follow Us! IG: @BlackGirlGonePodcast TikTok: @BlackGirlGonePodcast FB: Black Girl Gone Podcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Hello listeners. I'm your host Amara and this is Black Girl Gone, I tell the story of the Curia family who were found


beaten to death on August 1st, 2007 in Powder Springs, Georgia.


Jane Curia and her three children who migrated to the United States just six years before in search of a better life. But on August 1st, 2007, after no one had heard


from the family for two days, Jane, her daughters 19-year-old Isabel and 16-year-old Annabel, were all found dead.


Jeremy, Jane's 7-year-old son and their 11-year-old cousin who had been visiting were also badly beaten


but managed to survive.


No one can understand how someone could do this to Jane and her children.


But 16 years after the murderer,


there are still more questions than answers.


Who killed the Curia family? And why? This is the Curia family's story.


This week's story involves the murder of three people and the attempted murder of two others.


And the entire family was brutally attacked in an otherwise safe community in Powder Springs, Georgia.


There are a lot of unanswered questions about what happened to this family that day, and the


person who committed these heinous murders has not been caught.


How could someone do this to an entire family and never be caught?


After 16 years, the people who knew and loved the Curia family have never forgotten what happened to them, and they want the person or people responsible to be caught.


Jane Curia's story began in Kenya where she was born and raised,


but in 2001, Jane and her three children,


Isabel, Annabel, and Jeremy relocated to the United States where they sought


asylum after the death of Jane's husband.


According to reports, he had died from pneumonia, and his death Jane came to the United States and in her


application for asylum stated that she could not go back to Kenya out of fear that


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