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UNDERCOVER EXCLUSIVE: Exposing DEI in the United States Military

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🗓️ 16 May 2024

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MILITARY APPRECIATION MONTH MEGA LIVE STREAM: Tonight, Mug Club Undercover publishes exclusive undercover video exposing the radical Diversity, Equity & Inclusion theology embraced by the United States military’s top brass, we continue celebrating Military Appreciation Month by partnering with charities doing great work on behalf of our military members and veterans, we have some special guests lined up including Jack Carr, former Navy SEAL Sniper & best-selling author of The Terminal List, and more! We are making donations to military charities for every new Mug Club subscription!

GUESTS: Nick Di Paolo, Jack Carr, Hallie Johnston from Carry The Load

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Hey, glad to be with you. We're about to get to the show in a second. I know that many of you are aware this is Military Appreciation Month.


And tonight is a special stream because we've, I don't want to say stumbled because the Mud Club undercover crew and none of this happens without you.


There's a story tonight, some hidden camera footage that involves someone very high up in the military,


several people actually, the DEI initiatives,


where they are knowingly making your country


and the people who serve it,


people put themselves in harm's way, less safe, less capable.


So I just want to kind of put one thing at the front of your mind here tonight is it's very easy


to say DEI and it becomes a talking point.


You'll hear this man, by the way, talk about DEI.


He's effectively the head of the department in the military and talks about its irrelevancy,


all on camera, mind you.


It's not just about DEI.


It's not about how silly it is because of the gender


bender and LGBT Q AIP that none of it has anything to do with fighting effectively


and breaking things and defending your country and being capable of going to war.


It's not lost on me that I have never been to war. I appreciate those who have.


This is about making the other guy, the other woman, the other person out there in your squad your brigade your


to whatever term we need to use here your your teammate when you go out there to


war your brother your sister in arms, less safe because


we've decided to place on the Almighty altar the God of diversity, equity, and inclusion


where it has no business playing a role at all. So I want you to put yourself


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