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Unattended Death Part 2

Appalachian Mysteria

Jam Street Media

Documentary, True Crime, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 25 April 2023

⏱️ 55 minutes

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This episode contains detective interviews with three students who headed out on the town with Arthur the night he died. After speaking to each of them, a Morgantown detective feels confident that Arthur’s death was primarily due to his intoxication. Two months later, Arthur’s phone turns on. After tracking the GPS coordinates, police arrive at the home of a bouncer who threw Arthur out of a club just before his death. While the detective tries to figure out whether this was a coincidence, Harriet decides she is unsatisfied with the work being done by police, and hires a private investigator. The investigator has questions about the five people who walk by the police station surveillance camera just before Arthur. One of them appears to be carrying the backpack full of meth-making equipment found under the bridge, but the detective and prosecutor don’t agree. We delve into the details of all these issues in this hour-long episode of Unattended Death. Resources and Links: Appalachian Mysteria Facebook Page -- Here you can find the video and images that accompany this episode, including the backpack comparison photo made by Larry Peters, and the police surveillance camera footage of Arthur (and the group of people with the backpack) the night he died. “Strange Creatures” – The book/zine by Larry Peters about his unusual experiences decades ago. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Last time on Appalachian Mysteria unattended death, part 1.


Arthur Beguinda is found face down in ditch water, alongside Decker's Creek Rail Trail.


One of his shoes is suspended in foliage a few feet up the side of the embankment under the Walnut Street Bridge.


On the ledge above near the spot where Arthur fell, the medical examiner locates a blue backpack containing a mobile meth lab.


A passerby finds Arthur's insurance card right outside the police station, and surveillance camera footage shows it was dropped by Arthur himself around 134 a.m.


And photos from Arthur's apartment building show him heading out with a group of people the night he died.


As we begin episode 2, we hear their interviews, which reveal the detectives own theory, then a startling incident prompts Harriet, Arthur's mother, to hire a private investigator, and he's not buying what Morgantown police are selling.


From chromatic media in the heart of Morgantown West Virginia, this is the second and final episode of unattended death.


The date was February 1st, almost a week after Arthur's death that his mother, Harriet, called Morgantown police to let them know that Arthur's phone was missing from his belongings.


Meanwhile, the detective was examining a video clip in several photographs. The video was from the police station surveillance camera that shows Arthur passing by at 134 a.m.


He enters at the bottom of the screen, walking south on Spruce Street at the top of the stairs in front of the police station.


He's holding something in his hand, possibly his wallet. At the door to the station, he's forced to turn right around the front of the building, and he jogs a few steps in that direction,


before veering back south towards Walnut Street and out of view. But Arthur wasn't the only one who appeared on the camera.


A group of three people pass in front of the camera only a few seconds earlier, followed by two others in rapid succession.


From the time the last of those five people pass in front of the camera to the time Arthur appears, only five seconds elapses.


The way Arthur seems to jog ahead when he reaches the turn at the station door could even be interpreted as trying to catch up with them.


We'll be posting a video showing a full speed clip, followed by a half speed clip. You can find that on the Facebook page.


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