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Ukrainians’ Choice: Fight or Flee?

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🗓️ 25 February 2022

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the biggest in Europe since World War II. With the full-scale assault entering its second day on Friday, Ukrainians are coming to terms with the reality that the unthinkable has actually happened. We explore the significance of this moment and speak to Ukrainians on the ground.

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This is Sabrina Tavern, you see it's 9.15 and we just got to the railway station and there's a huge crowd of people standing outside.


Oh my god, hundreds of people standing outside the railway station.


So young men in a black coat carrying a cat carrier with a cat in it elderly woman carrying a large red bag struggling down the stairs.


It's 9.30 in the morning in central cube. I'm at the bus station and it's actually packed long lines of people trying to pack onto buses.


Just overheard a young man saying there are no tickets, there are no tickets. I don't know what to do.


Walking up to a large white bus, two large white buses.


People are arguing over who gets to get on.


Let's do it without chaos, let's do it without chaos.


Calm down, calm down.


People are scrambling to leave and are in shock.


I'm a journalist from the New York Times, I'm a questioner. Are you trying to leave here? Yes, we are trying to reach Livief and then Poland.


Yes. How are you feeling right now? Maybe a woman. Afraid of Russian. It was too much and expected to hear the explosions near the houses.


What time did you guys wake up this morning to hear it? We didn't sleep. Do you guys have a plan for Poland?


We expect to buy tickets to Turkey to Antalya and live here in Villa. So wait for the end of war and then come back.


I want to stay here but my friends want to leave so I think it's correct to go together.


Thanks for talking to me guys. How are you feeling? I'm fine.


I'm fine. I'm glad to see you. I'm so happy.


This is Dimitri looking at a bus going to Livief. He's bus is supposed to leave at 9.


And you're calling the city again? We were going to Strya.


I called my friends all around Ukraine yesterday and everybody was intending on fighting.


I'm taking my family to the village outside the village and then coming back and signing up immediately for military service.


I see you guys.


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