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Turn Weaknesses Into Strengths

MANIFEST with Sarah Prout

Sarah Prout

Education, Spirituality, Religion & Spirituality, Self-improvement

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🗓️ 25 April 2024

⏱️ 28 minutes

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Today I'm exploring the power of seeing perceived weaknesses as an invitation from the Universe to turn them into strengths. 💜 💚


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Hello there and welcome back to another episode of the Manifest Podcast.


And if you have been listening to this show


for quite some time, now you'll know that I usually


only record episodes when I feel inspired


to show up behind the microphone. And this week has


been a wild week in so many different ways that I am unable to describe at this point in time,


but let's just say that it has been not only life-changing and awe-inspiring and eye-opening, but it has also given me some time to reflect on the topic of today's show and how I can


help to serve you guys, the listeners of this podcast and the people that remain in this community year after year


to deliver a different vantage point and perspective on a topic that I'm really passionate about


because I have traveled this path many many times.


So here we go.


We are diving in today into how strengths can be created from weaknesses or turning your weaknesses into strengths.


I was originally going to call this episode from nervous to notable.


Maybe I still will, I'm not sure yet, but transforming weaknesses into strengths


is something that we all do automatically, and yet so many of us just give up at the first sign of struggle.


We give up because it's either too hard or it's seemingly impossible.


Or perhaps there are so many different obstacles that have been placed on your path, and you're just not sure how to rise above them, how to branch out of your comfort zone and see the weakness as an invitation to dive into the powerful rewards that you will find in strength.


And I know that this is somewhat of an abstract concept, but if you think about it, we've all been


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