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Travels with Anselm

5 Minutes in Church History with Stephen Nichols

Ligonier Ministries

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🗓️ 8 May 2024

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Over the course of his life, Anselm took five important journeys. Today, Stephen Nichols takes us on the road with Anselm, pointing out notable events from this medieval theologian's travels.

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Welcome back to another episode of five minutes in church history. On this episode we are going to travel along with our friend the medieval theologian


Anselm. Anselm was born in 1033 and he died in 1109. Over the course of his lifetime he had five significant journeys and we love the number five here on five minutes in church history, so let's go through these journeys together. The first journey


comes when he is 23 years old. Anselm was born in the town of Aosta in the


Burgundy region of Italy.


He wanted to get to the monastery at Beck in Normandy,


and in between his home and the monastery were the Alps.


He sets off as a 23-year- old. It takes him three years to travel


through the Alps and finally arrive at Beck and when he gets there he enters


the monastery and comes under the mentorship and guidance of Lahn Frunk, the Abbot.


Seven years later, after William, who was also from Normandy, crosses the English Channel, defeats the British, and we know him in history as


William the Conqueror and he's established as the King of England, he summons Londfronk to come across


the English channel and installs Londfronk to come across the English channel and installs Londfronk as the Archbishop.


That paves the way for Anselm to succeed Londfronk as the Abbot there at Beck. We need to fast forward a little bit for his


second journey and that's 1093. In 1093 Lahnfronk dies in the succession plan of Anselmett Beck worked out pretty well.


So the idea was to have him come and succeed Lahnfronk as Archbishop.


So in 1093, Anselm himself crosses the English Channel


is installed as the Archbishop. From the beginning of his time in that post he had a rocky


relationship with the king by now


William had died and William the second was on the throne and that rocky


relationship ended in 1098 when William the II exiled Ansel.


And so we have his third journey.


He first sets off for Rome.


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