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Three Things God Does in the Detour

Breakaway Ministries Podcast

Breakaway Ministries

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🗓️ 24 January 2024

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With more unexpected weather, we've had to once again push back the launch of our semester to January 30. In the midst of plans not going our way, God is ready to change our position, our pace, and our posture. How will you respond when the changes of life come your way?

For more information about Breakaway, check out our website www.breakaway.org and follow us on social media @breakawaymin.

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Howdy, thanks for listening to the Breakaway Podcast.


Breakaway is a Bible study


where thousands of students gather every Tuesday night on the campus of Texas A&M University


and exists for any and every student to take their first or next step with Jesus.


Whether you are in college or not,


we hope this podcast helps you do just that.


To learn more about Breakaway, check out our website at www.


Breakaway.org and stay connected by following us on social media at Breakaway Men.


That's Breakaway M-I-N. Now on to today's message.


We are currently perched right over Kyle Field. Pretty glorious environment. It's an environment we were looking forward to gathering in this week for the launch of the spring semester of breakaway.


However, some gnarly thunderstorms have entered the college station area and


rudely those storms will not be departing for a couple days. Now last week if you're


unaware it was not thunderstorms but freezing temperatures and ice that


sabotaged our plan A of launching a new semester inside Reed Arena.


That puts us in some pretty unprecedented territory.


It will be darn near February when we finally gather a few thousand of our closest friends


to open God's word together inside Reed Arena next week, January 30th.


So we got things not going according to plan. We got more questions than


answers. It is all felt honestly quite familiar to me as this is all unfolded


over the last week or so.


About a year and a half ago, my wife, Emily, and I were in a season of prayerfully making plans and honestly making moves on those plans.


We had since God was bringing us to a place of completion with the assignment that he had given us,


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