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Three Bean Salad

Beef And Dairy Network

Beef And Dairy Network

Maximumfun, Dairy, Partridge, Comedy, Ben, Beef

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🗓️ 9 June 2021

⏱️ 12 minutes

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A short message to tell you about a new podcast that Beef and Dairy network creator Benjamin Partridge is involved with, along with Mike Wozniak (Bob Trescothick) and Henry Paker (Michael Banyan) - Three Bean Salad. Find it here: https://pod.link/1564066507

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Hello Benjamin Patrick here. Hope you're well. The next Beef and Dairy Network episode will be


out later this month. I believe on the twin death I think and that's currently being made.


But I just thought I'd put this on your feeds. I just want to let you know about a new podcast


I'm involved with. It's a kind of chat podcast with me, Mike Wozniak, who you'll know as the Bovine


Arsvet Bob Jiscothek and also Henry Packer, who you'll know as the former Bovine poet laureate


Michael Banyan. We've started a chat podcast where every week we tackle a different subject


sent in by the listening audience. It's called Three Bean Salad and I just thought I'd let you know


about it and also provide you with a little clip to give you a taste of it. And so in this clip we


discuss Swan attacks. Will Beezer emails and says you ask at the end of the first podcast whether


anyone had been attacked by a rear. I can't say that I have but I was attacked by a Swan. It's my


earliest memory. I was at Slimbridge Wetlands when I was about three or four with my nan feeding


the Swan some bread. And after I ran out of bread I started throwing little stones at them


with the same sort of bread scattering technique. Thinking that the Swan's ate anything bread


cremseized. The Swan became violent naturally and I recall my nan staving off a group of about


five or eight swans by wielding her handbag and swinging it wildly around her head like a flail.


So she went full berserker. Good old man. And I just hope that she made it, right?


I'm assuming that they all made it out of that. Yeah he doesn't say whether she made it.


She may have done it been that thing where she goes you just save yourself leave me here


to go just go. But I'll slow them down. But never forget this moment. I know you're only three


you just go which makes one of your first memory. Try and make sure this and also try and remember


the name of the wetlands and it's so important. I'm really honest to your own note.


I know you're only three. You haven't got a concept of a wetlands sense. For you


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