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The Weight of it All

We Have Concerns

Anthony Carboni/Jeff Cannata

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🗓️ 10 March 2023

⏱️ 50 minutes

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How much do all the wild mammals that roam the Earth weigh? Which wild mammal accounts for the most cumulative weight? Does any of this matter? Jeff and Anthony look at a remarkable project attempting to quantify the weight of biomass on Earth to see how measuring something seemingly unmeasurable can actually make the human impact on the planet clearer.

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If it wasn't for the pizza tower, I'd have nothing. This is we have concerns. I, Jeff Ganata.


Hi Anthony Carboni. Hello, concerned citizens. Anthony. Yes, Jeff.


I would like to present to you a pretty heavy topic. If only. Okay. I'll allow it.


This was sent to us as often happens by people do often send things to us. They do.


Post them on the on the discord. This one was posted by our friend Cajuts.


Jeff Angles, dang. You're friends. That's why his nickname is Cajuts.


This is your friend Cajuts. Well, our friend. Okay. I mean, friend, we can say friend of the pod,


but the reason his nickname is Cajuts is because he's your friend. Well, that's true too.


I like to think he's my friend. This is an amazing, this is an amazing story. This is an article


that was published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Oh, the penises back.


I like to call it the penis. Penis. Yeah, they're back. Do you ever think, do you think that they ever regret it?


No, that's got to, they got to be high-fiving literally every time someone does that, right?


That's a point. That wasn't an accident. You know,


these are scientists. These are smart people. They decided to be called penis for a reason.


I guess. Sometimes I think, sometimes I think though, that there was like one jokester in the bunch.


They just pulled it over. Nobody noticed. Yeah, and the other ones just, they weren't in that joke


button, so they didn't really see it until later. That's sometimes that's what I think.


Yeah. Well, because proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


is not, doesn't roll off the tongue. Proceedings is a weird word to use as the first one, right?


You could have had a whole lot of things that mean that penis is not an accident.


Yeah. You know, anyway, this is about the weight of all the wild mammals on earth.


Yes. Okay. The literal weight of the biomass of every wild living mammal on earth.


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