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🗓️ 30 January 2024

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In May of 2023 U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy released a surgeon general advisory calling awareness to the impact of the loneliness epidemic in the United States. With the evolution of social media and an abundance of avenues for instant social connection, how is it that we're in a lonely culture? Founding scientific chair and board member for the U.S. Foundation for Social Connection and the Global Initiative on Loneliness and Connection, Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad dissects the loneliness epidemic and whether our understanding of connection and community has evolved or devolved. Dr. Julianne explains whether in person vs. virtual connection is more beneficial to your well-being and fulfilling your social battery. Follow Trey on Twitter: @TGowdySC Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Hey, this is Trey.


Thank you for joining us for a Tuesday edition of our podcast.


For those of you who listen to this podcast or have read my books or for the two people who do both,


listen to this podcast and read my books would be my mom and my wife I guess


I am fascinated by the human mind why people do what they do what drive or motivates or deters people. I love psychology, but I am not an expert.


I was pretty good at reading a jury and knowing what evidence resonates with the jury in front of me at the time, but not an expert on a really serious topic and we need an expert and we're lucky because we have one today.


Our guest today is a professor of psychology and neuroscience


and director of the Social Connection and Health Lab


at Brigham Young University.


She's also the founding scientific chair and board member of the


U.S. Foundation for Social Connection and the Global Initiative on Loneliness and


Connection. She's


lead scientific editor for U.S. Surgeon General's Advisory and Framework for a National Strategy.


For those of you who listen or watch our show, you know that I have had scores of guests on to talk about this loneliness


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