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The Public (Health) Lives of Pets

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🗓️ 30 April 2024

⏱️ 58 minutes

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For so many Americans, pets are members of the family. And our interactions with animals — in our homes, on our farms, and in the wild — shape our health in some important ways. Abdul reflects on what he’s learned about health working in animal welfare. Then he sits down with Melissa Miller, an animal care expert, disaster field responder, trainer, and county animal care and control director to talk about how pets shape our health, how to do our best for our fur babies, and what can go wrong when we fail them.

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This is America Disected.


I'm your host, Dr. Abdul Alsayer.


Hey everyone, just a heads up, that today's episode is the last we're doing under the


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Thank you to the tons of hard smart work by Emma and Austin and everyone else at Crooked Media


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I also want to share a particular


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