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The Pros and Cons of Perfectionism: Quit Being Hard on Yourself, Overcome Your Fears and Let Go of Expectations with Psychologist Thomas Curran

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🗓️ 13 February 2024

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Ever wondered how your life could transform by challenging perfectionism and learning from every mistake along the way? Join Thomas Curran, a Psychologist, Author, and lecturer at the London School of Economics, as he unravels the intricate layers of perfectionism. Dive into the essence of perfectionism, exploring its roots in childhood and how societal expectations impose unattainable standards. The conversation navigates through the signs of perfectionism, its impact on mental health, and practical strategies to combat it. Marianna shares her approach of celebrating small wins through a win’s list, while Thomas advocates for radical acceptance and self-compassion. Together, they explore workplace dynamics influenced by perfectionism, introduce the 80% rule, and underscore the importance of vulnerability. 


Join them in the journey of challenging perfectionism, fostering self-kindness, and gaining valuable insights from Thomas’s new book, 'The Perfection Trap.' Whether you're grappling with perfectionism or seeking a deeper understanding, this podcast delivers actionable tips and meaningful conversations. Tune in to embark on a journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.


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Reach out to Thomas: www.thomascurran.co.uk


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The Perfection Trap: Embracing the Power of Good Enough


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Hey, it's Mariana, I'm the co-founder of Summer Fridays and this is the Life of


Mariana Podcast. This episode is all about perfectionism. It's with the author,


psychologist, and lecturer Thomas Coran and he is a book that's called The Perfection Trap Embracing the Power of Good Enough.


And perfectionism is something that is so difficult in so many of our lives with social


media, work, our friends, our peers, it just seems like we're always striving for something


that maybe is impossible.


And we're always comparing ourselves with others and feeling like we need to be perfect and


there was so many things I wanted to ask him about.


In this episode we talk about understanding perfectionism, where does that come from, how it impacts


our mental and emotional well-being, the connection between perfectionism and burnout,


and especially if you're a creator like me or


consumer how it really impacts social media and how it makes us maybe feel like we


need to be a little bit more perfect. We also talk about how it ties into the need


of external validation.


This book is just a small glimpse into all the advice that he has in his book, The Perfection Trap.


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