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The Old Man and the Pool: Spoilers Only

Mike Birbiglia's Working It Out

Mike Birbiglia's Working It Out podcast

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🗓️ 4 December 2023

⏱️ 48 minutes

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Mike welcomes back three-peat guest Joe Birbiglia to celebrate the premiere of Mike’s new Netflix comedy special The Old Man and the Pool. Mike and Joe discuss the four year development of the show, share memories about the Worcester, Massachusetts YMCA pool, and share the funniest jokes that didn’t make it into the special. *Should* they have made it into the special? Joe thinks so. You be the judge. Plus, Mike answers listeners’ questions about the special.

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I had a joke about wrestling that's on the cutting group floor which is that I would say like


We'd be doing push-ups. Yeah, and our team didn't have a gymnasium, but we so we practice in our school's theater yeah so the whole time I'm lying


on the mat and I'm looking up at the stage and I'm thinking I should be up there


yeah like I'm not meant for this.


I should be up there.


Get me off the wrestling team.


Please do my hair. Please do my hair please do my hair I don't know how that ever got cut I


really and then at the end I go send in burbigs Biggs. Oh, ha! Well, back to working it out.


This is Mike Burbigley.


That was the voice of my brother Joe Burbiglia.


Yeah, this is a very unique episode because it is


spoilers only to continue listening to this episode. You must go to Netflix and


watch the old man in the pool.


I'm going to be talking to my brother Joe later in the show,


talking about the behind the scenes and the creation of the show.


So it's a very unique episode and thanks everybody.


It's end of the year, you know, the time where we reflect on


what we're thankful for and I'm very thankful for


for all of you supporting the special putting it in the top 10 on Netflix which is


unbelievable I can't even believe it. And supporting the new tour, we're about to announce in a couple


weeks another 20 cities for fall 2024. So stay tuned for that.


Join the mailing last time, Burbigs.com.


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