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THE MEYERS PARENTS Thought an Outhouse Sounded Fun

Family Trips with the Meyers Brothers

Seth Meyers and Josh Meyers

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🗓️ 29 June 2023

⏱️ 75 minutes

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Daddy boy and Mommy girl join Poshie and Soofie on the pod to talk Meyers childhood memories. Hosted by Seth & Josh Meyers. Theme song written & performed by Jeff Tweedy. Produced by Rabbit Grin Productions

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So I was with the boys the other day and I had a real good illustration of how kids are


just less jaded and more patient and it was this memorial day parade where you got to


write your name on the bottom of a rubber duck and for like five bucks it was like to raise


money for something and they took all the ducks out on canoes and some boy scouts and it


was the one end of this river, not one end of the river, but a part of a river and then


they would all fall in the stream. It would flow. Yeah, they were going to flow down


river and the first duck obviously was going to win 500 bones. Pretty exciting. And the


kids explained it to Ash and Axel and they were over the moon at the idea. And I think


there's also that kid thing. Do you remember any time you entered one of those things as


a kid? You just are already spending the money. Oh, yeah. You just can't conceive that


you're not going to be the winning duck. Yeah, also just for the listeners, Ash and Axel


are seven and five. They're seven and five. Yeah, they're their sister. Addy is not yet


two, but she's still she's still smart enough to know this is a scam. I didn't want to


be a part of it. She basically said, I'm going to save my five bucks. So I went down.


It was a very hot day. Went down to the river side with the boys. And I thought we're


talking about five minutes in my head. How long does it take a duck to go 200 yards on


a river? Five minutes. What would you have guessed? Well, it obviously it depends on the


speed of the water and the river. How fast it's showing why you're a better outdoorsman


than me. It never even occurred to me that the river could be having a bad day. Yeah,


well, you also, you don't know what they were raising money for either something as you


as you said. So anyway, they, first of all, and just the loadout of the ducks is taken


a long time to get all the ducks. And I should also say I was amongst a community of people


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