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The Hitchhiker of Mogollon Rim

Astonishing Legends

Scott Philbrook

History, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 28 October 2023

⏱️ 138 minutes

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The Mogollon Rim in northcentral Arizona is a geological landform that spans around 200 miles east to west, demarking the southern boundary of the Colorado Plateau in the state. This topographical feature is classified as an escarpment where wide and steeply sloping cliffs and rock masses delineate the high pine-covered plateau on the northern side, which receives cold winter temperatures and light snow from the desert-like conditions below to the south. This transitional nature provides a habitat for significantly varying types of plants and animals. Perhaps because of Mogollon Rim’s liminal nature, this variance is claimed by many to also extend to creatures and phenomena that dwell beyond our understanding. Accounts and legends of UFOs, supernatural occurrences, and even its own brand of a hominin-like beast known as the “Mogollon Monster” are familiar to the territory. The supernatural element became all too real for our guest, Jay, who endured a terrifying encounter while working as a wildlife biologist for the Arizona Game and Fish Department. While studying black bears in the rugged canyons and terrain of the Rim, Jay encountered an impossible stranger in a pretty unlikely place, one that insisted on getting a ride. But who or what was this thing, and what was their intention? An ancient spirit known to the Native American cultures of the region or a physical being with mystical powers masquerading as a weird human? While it is never advisable to pick up strangers, it seems that one may be compelled to give a ride to a hitchhiker on Mogollon Rim, maybe as just a playful reminder that humans are not the apex of the paranormal food chain.

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I wanted to do some show and tell now this is an impolter guy's oh looking at his mouth


his mouth is going crazy well that egg is 7,000 years old well it's considered the


roswell of South America for yet request which it's not clear who requested it


I'll put it in the private check just tell me the name I got him right here new clothes coming out


we got coffee believe it or not I'll step out for a bit and grab a sandwich maybe


it looks more like a rubber duck from your bathtub believe me I doom scrolling at two in the morning


astonishing legends would like to thank simply safe policy genius mint mobile are contributors


at patreon.com and you are listeners for making tonight's show possible


for our last show of October 2023 we wanted to bring you something very special


perspective perspective of the bigger picture after all if you've been with astonishing


legends for more than a few years now we're well past the 100 and 200 level courses you're all


embarking on your postgraduate paranormal master's degree and tonight it's time to start developing


your thesis there's nothing quite like looking back at a body of work or experiences and realizing


that in totality you have acquired a new perspective one that comes from collecting data lots of it


and then reviewing it over and over and over again looking for patterns patterns you could never


have seen if you hadn't collected all that data in the first place this is called experience


that well education at astonishing legends we teach things that very few schools are going to


offer you a chance to study we hope to show you how to consider and evaluate the folklore


legends stories experiences and tales that most universities won't touch they fear ridicule


at being ostracized so they simply look away from the unexplainable but not you you look right at it


or you wouldn't be here and tonight it's time to look some more and think for yourself


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