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The Ghosts of Versailles Part 1

Astonishing Legends

Scott Philbrook

History, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 14 January 2024

⏱️ 86 minutes

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In the late summer of 1901, two women journeyed to the renowned Palace of Versailles, a few miles west of Paris. This breathtaking royal home, once the epitome of the French Monarchy during the reigns of Louis XIV, XV, and XVI, was an unfamiliar territory to them. Yet, the palace grounds seemed eager to impart a history lesson they had not anticipated. While exploring the vast estate, Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain found themselves amidst various characters adorned in peculiar attire. They noticed buildings, structures, and anachronistic farm tools from a past era. It was as if they had inadvertently stepped through a portal into a bygone era. The highlight of their uncanny experience may have been an encounter with a spectral figure of what may have been Queen Marie Antoinette herself. The bewildering events of that summer day left Moberly and Jourdain perplexed. Over time, they gradually pieced together the puzzle of their extraordinary visit. Years were devoted to delving into Versailles' rich history, with additional visits undertaken to comprehend the mysterious occurrences they had witnessed. Despite being mocked by many, they remained steadfast in their quest to understand what they had seen in 1901. Today, their astonishing experience, known as the Moberly-Jourdain Incident or The Ghosts of Versailles, continues to fascinate fans of timeslips, time travel and encounters with ghosts of events that happened long ago. Tonight, Scott is joined by special guest co-hosts Richard Hatem and Marie Mayhew to dive into this bizarre tale.

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In August of 1901, two women decided to visit the Palace of Versailles just a few miles west of Paris,


a stunning royal residence that was once the ultimate symbol of the French monarchy,


especially during the time of Louis the 14th.


The visiting women confessed that they were not very familiar with French history when they went,


but that didn't stop the palace grounds from teaching them a history lesson of its own. During their time there, they bore


witness to a variety of characters in strange dress, as well as buildings, structures, and


even anachronistic farm tools that were long since gone.


It was as if they were suddenly transported back in time.


They may have even crossed paths with an apparition of the Queen herself, Marie Antoinette. Charlotte and


Moberly and Eleanor Jordane could hardly understand what they were experiencing that summer of


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