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The eX-Files: "Episode 0" | An X-Files Podcast

Buffering: A Rewatch Adventure

Buffering: A Rewatch Adventure

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🗓️ 30 August 2023

⏱️ 63 minutes

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Before we began our journey through The X-Files we made a very special "Episode 0" to usher us into a new alien-soaked era. Jenny asked Kristin to tell us everything she knew about the show going in, we played games such as "Comic Book Villain or X-File Of The Week," and Kristin gave us a detailed book report on "the history of aliens." In March, this conversation was only available to those who joined us in the livestream, but now, gentle listeners, it is here for all to enjoy.

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Oh, hey everybody. Hello. We have a special episode to share with you today. A, because it's fun,


and B, because I had laryngitis, so simply could not talk about aliens. Last week,


Kristen's voice was so frog-like. So I'll put a little clip of it in here so you can hear it,


because it was really special. Oh, hi. I'm just making this video to what you know that I don't have


a voice, but I'm fine. Yeah, we could not have recorded a proper pod. So we happen to have a treat


on reserve for you. It's episode zero, which we taped. We initially broadcast this as a live stream


before Kristen had watched any acts files. And, you know, we're talking about what she thinks is


going to happen. We're talking about the history of aliens, which Kristen prepared a little book


report on. I did a full book report. Yeah. It's a really good time. Jenny plays a game with me


called comic book villain or case file of the week where I have to guess. It's a good time.


And we did this live. So some of you saw it, you know, video wise. Most of the visual references


have been cut, but if you hear us referring to like the Frank cam or other things like that,


it's because we were doing this on video. And there's a visual reference of much importance at the


end. All you need to know is that the picture that Jenny was showing me was a drawing of the


Jersey devil from the episode Jersey devil. Please just put that in your back pocket and wait till


the end. And also just a note that in my history of aliens, I talk about the incredible things that


happened in 2021 with the US government and aliens. This was taped in March of 2023. So before


the congressional hearings, things have gotten even more current since that time. But it's a fun


little jaunt. And it's also like a casual hang in a way that I think doesn't always get to happen


in our episodic coverage. So hopefully you will enjoy it. Speaking of live events that you can watch


via the internet. Hopefully enjoy. Hopefully enjoy. I mean, you know, even my crystal ball doesn't know


that yet. But on September 9th and 10th, you know, probably by now that we are doing live recordings


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