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The eX-Files: 1.19 Shapes | An X-Files Podcast

Buffering: A Rewatch Adventure

Buffering: A Rewatch Adventure

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4.82.7K Ratings

🗓️ 27 September 2023

⏱️ 81 minutes

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Today we meet the very first X-File, opened in 1946 in Montana, and party with werewolves, taxidermy, and horses. We also have a big conversation about what (always) happens when non-Native writers tell stories about Indigenous communities. Spoiler alert: it ain’t great! Producer LaToya Ferguson gives "Shapes" a scary rating of 1.5/5 Awooos

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Oh, hello, it's me, your pal, Jenny Owen Young's alone in introville. Where's Kristen?


She's busy. I'm so happy you're here. Thanks so much for tuning in. Just one thing really to


tell you about before we get into the episode. And that's the results of last episode sexual


tension words. Are you prepared? Ready thyself if you are not in fifth place with 4% of the vote.


The odds were stacked against them to begin with and probably will be for all time.


It's big tent and a revival losing big in this round. In fourth place with 9% of the vote.


Well, well, well, if it isn't my old nemesis buts and my old best friend turned frenemy coffers.


Looks like we won't be repairing that bridge anytime soon buts and or coffers.


Tied for second place. That's right. I skipped from fourth to second because I think that's how it


works when there's a tie tied for second place with 16% of the vote on one side of the coin.


We have grasshoppers and potatoes and on the other side of the coin we have molder and scully both


molder and scully and grasshoppers and potatoes each earning 16% of the vote. I shudder to think


about what that means for molder and scully and grasshoppers and potatoes like the mothership


as an institution. It's sometimes only as popular as grasshoppers and potatoes although those


grasshoppers really wanted those potatoes. They flew through a lot of vent work but it brings me


just incredible joy to tell you whoo whoo whoo whoo about first place.


In first place with 54% of the vote it's a yours truly and b and ton check off my favorite guy to


reference when things are telegraphed in a show. What a chill guy and so perceptive just okay so


a trophy will be coming to me a trophy will be arriving in Anton's current location


imminently but while we wait for those trophies to ship let me just tell you that I hope you


enjoyed this episode and I'll see you on the other side a true piece of history scully


the very first x file initiated by J. Edgar Hoover himself in 1946


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