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The eX-Files: 1.09 Space | An X-Files Podcast

Buffering: A Rewatch Adventure

Buffering: A Rewatch Adventure

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🗓️ 7 June 2023

⏱️ 81 minutes

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It's an alien! It's a ghost! It's a combination alien-ghost?! Listen, we don't make the rules. What would you do if the hour was 0700 and your husband was in outer space and your boss was possessed with a Mars Ghosty who was going to take some time away from Earth and the ceilings of hotel rooms to zoop on over to your husband's space shuttle to boop it around and nearly kill the whole team?!?!! Well, this week you can find out what Michelle Genaroo will do, apart from flirting with Mulder and Scully. It's Season 1, Episode 9: SPACE Producer LaToya Ferguson gives "Space" a scary rating of 1/5 SCULPTED HUMAN FACES

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What? Hey everybody, it's us. Yep, it's the two just the two of us here at the intro


every time just the two of us. Very cool song. Jenny and I. Okay. Yes, as usual, before


we talk at length about this episode of the X-Miles, we are going to tell you some things,


the first thing that we're going to tell you, my beautiful friends, is what, pre-tell, are


the results of last episode sexual attention awards? Don't even worry about it. I got you.


In fourth place. And it belongs there with 7% of the vote, a questionable high, 7% of the vote.


It's the spaceworm and a body with no other spaceworms. And this is what Avanti wanted to win.


It's probably just Avanti like logging in from every account to vote for the spaceworm.


Sorry, spaceworm. With it equally disappointing to me, only 17% of the vote, third place slot is filled


by the nom's me, Jenny. And all the sweaters and hemlis in season one episode eight.


17% is a pretty good showing considering the other two slots. I see the virtue of the other two


slots. I'm about to detail for you. One is the second place slot with 22% of the vote,


special agents Foxmolder and Dana Scully. You've heard of them, you know them, you love them.


They have a lot going on in the episode ice. And in first place with 54% of the vote. It's two


doctors, no waiting. It's doctors, Dana Scully and Nancy De Silva. Congrats, ladies, so happy for


you. Yes, good work. Someone in the Patreon commented, I can't believe the mothership isn't


winning. And somebody else was like, they have so many opportunities to win. How many chances do we


get to vote for doctors? Dana Scully and Nancy De Silva. True, true. Let the ladies shine while they


can. To say, yes, a couple other quick things while we whip up a trophy for Dana and Nancy.


Producer Lutoy Ferguson wanted to add that after listening to this episode that you're about to


listen to, she realized for the first time that the lieutenant astronaut man is a Colonel.


Colonel, yeah, Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel. His full name was Marcus Aurelius Belt. And she said


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