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Bad Batch


Exhibit C, Dr. Death, Stem Cells, Society & Culture, Health & Fitness, Medicine, News, Wondery, Liveyon, Laura Beil

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🗓️ 23 October 2019

⏱️ 36 minutes

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We’ll try anything to help our loved ones who are experiencing pain. John and Elaine both turn to a new medical treatment to help their mothers. But for one of them, it will go horribly wrong.

For accurate information on stem cell treatments, visit www.isscr.org/about-stem-cells, a site maintained by the International Society for Stem Cell Research.

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Download the Amazon Music app today. In the fall of 2015, John Koesel Sharon's mother called him with some worrying news.


Well, you know, my mom calls me with you you know she


text me with these things like you know this what happened to me today I'm not


feeling well and so she sent me pictures of her hand and she said you know I


burnt my hand and it's really bad.


His mom, Lois, said she had been helping a stepdad weld a gate on their farm in Wisconsin.


And she was holding that gate and he dropped a glove.


The glove fell into a pile of leaves.


And to not start the leaves on fire, he wanted to hold the torch up and away from the ground


as he leaned over to pick up the glove.


The tip of the blue flame had grazed the top of Lois's hand.


A torch is 2,700 degrees so it doesn't take but just a flash in proximity and it's going to burn it almost


to the bone.


She'd washed and bandage the wound herself.


At the time, she didn't sound overly concerned, and at first John wasn't worried either.


He grew up on the farm and he knows that injuries are just a part of life in the country.


But over the next few days, Lois started texting her son, the photos.


I mean, I still have the entire series of pictures. It's crazy. And the pictures literally went from from it looked like wrinkled skin to the skin got blisters to the skin came off


Until you know it was really looking like the first three, four, five layers of skin had come off.


If you've ever suffered a severe burn on your hand or anywhere else, it's painful, a constant searing pain that


won't go away.


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