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The Business Side of Blogging: Contracts, Creative Control & The Jobs We Regret

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Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton

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🗓️ 15 April 2021

⏱️ 64 minutes

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This week we’re touching on the business side of blogging; the behind the scenes of contracts, briefs, key messages and creative control, the brand deals we wouldn’t do again and what the hell are affiliate links and MORE.  


LILY: Ginny & Georgia (Netflix), The Flight Attendant (NowTV) 

100% YUM:

ANNA: Food 52 Sourdough Hot Cross Buns Recipe - https://food52.com/recipes/85374-sourdough-hot-cross-buns-with-chocolate-chips-recipe 


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Hi everyone, I'm Lily and I'm Anna and welcome back to App Home with Lillian Anna.


A podcast where we catch up every week from our homes in London and Brighton.


This week we're touching on the business side of logging at the behind the scenes of contracts,


briefs, key messages and creative control, the brandels that we wouldn't do again and what the hell


are affiliate links. Oh there's so much to talk about and it's all coming up.


This is kind of part two of like the part one that we did a while back right?


Yeah we scratched the surface there this time we're digging it.


Let's do it.


Lily, how you feeling? I'm good, how are you?


I'm good, I'm terribly distracted because the Flint Wall man is outside the window of where I


currently am and he keeps stepping back from the Flint Wall to like look at it and then he's got


a vision and then he goes in and he like does a little bit. So every now and again there's a man


standing in my window and I'm like whoa and I keep seeing you look up. I'm like is it a bird?


What is it? There is no birds, it's just a man standing in. Amazing, love that.


Who's saying from that I'm good. We've been able to sit outside this week in the freezing cold.


I have worn my thermals for some emotional occasions. Yeah I love how literally the minute we're


allowed to do things like sit outside with friends the weather turns to bloody snow.


It was snowing here this morning as well. Oh yeah, but currently when we're filming this


the first day that we could sit and do outdoor dining somewhere actually.


Complete some floor. I saw someone say like I've got a book in every night this week outdoors


is freezing. I literally I wore my oboops the other day. I wore my oboops like now I've got it down.


You have to do two pairs of trousers. Yeah you have to do like a leggings with jeans over the top


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