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Sue + Ava

Call Your Grandmother


Society & Culture, Comedy, Relationships

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🗓️ 4 February 2021

⏱️ 35 minutes

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Meet Sue and Ava, the pair who inspired this podcast, as Sue accidentally live-streams on Facebook, kidnaps her beloved granddaughter Ava from school to visit a prize Yonkers bathroom and the two of them go on ticket hoarding runs to Chuck E Cheese - forming a lifelong and unbreakable grandmother granddaughter bond.

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Oh, listen after this and seeing myself every time we do this, I am definitely having a facelift.


Okay, all set. Got my headphones on, got my everything going, the microphone is working.


I can see everybody. Who are we going to talk about today?


Today we're going to have a special day.


Meryl Posters' daughter Ava and her mother Sue are going to have a conversation.


Is that our Meryl?


It's our Meryl poster who's the creator of


call your grandmother?


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