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STALKED: Dorothy Jane Scott // Cynthia Jane Anderson

Crime Junkie


True Crime

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🗓️ 14 December 2020

⏱️ 43 minutes

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Even though they're strangers who've never met, two women suffer through similar patterns of fear and intimidation, praying for help that doesn't come until it's too late.

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Hi, crime junkies. I'm your host Ashley Flowers. And I'm Britt. And Britt, I did something.


I know you never do you like to tell the crime junkies about it? Yeah, I made a little Christmas present for our listeners.


So I obviously can't physically get something to each and every one of them for the holidays because of what I am I Santa.


But since I know that they're all podcast loving people, I made them a special little holiday podcast treat.


And listen, I know we crime junkies like true crime all year round morning, new night like all day every day.


We can't get enough. That's what makes us us right? Right.


But I thought maybe this holiday season everyone could use something a little lighter. It's been a long year, right?


So yeah, just a little pick me up. Yeah, so I partnered with a couple of my comedian friends out in LA to bring everyone something totally new and totally different.


So Britt, it was kind of founded on this this thing that we talk about all the time.


Like so, yeah, I don't know if everyone grew up in the same like, you know, if this is just like a Midwest Coltie Christian thing that happened.


But like every Christmas season holiday season we the Christmas cards the letters.


Yes, we would get flooded with these Christmas cards that had letters inside that were like super braggy about how wonderful and extraordinary everyone's a life was.


It's like the old school Spotify'd wrap up for your kids.


Yeah, well, I know you can kind of think of it like it's like Facebook before there was Facebook.


Like it's all it's all a lie, right? Right.


We all know that it's BS.


So me and my friends Holly and Greg have collected some holiday letters, obviously changed like locations, names, some details.


And I will read the letter while they try to get to the truth behind the letter.


The show is called It's a Wonderful Lie.


And there are two episodes out right now.


And don't worry before everyone gets to the tizzy, this doesn't take away any crime to be content.


We're releasing an episode today next week.


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