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Solo Episode - Summer Wellness Habits & Routines: Maintain Wellness on the Go, and Summer Must-Haves

Life with Marianna

Dear Media, Marianna Hewitt

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🗓️ 18 July 2023

⏱️ 34 minutes

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In this solo episode, Marianna discusses one of the most frequently asked questions: how she maintains her wellness routine + habits while traveling. Discover her insights on optimizing sleep and meals according to different time zones, how she maintains her morning routine, and the essential supplements always in her bag. Marianna shares the outdoor activities that foster wellness and enhance her travel experiences, as well as the factors she considers when planning my travel days. Additionally, she shares her love and appreciation for the summer season, discussing her summer habits and how to prioritize making time to fully embrace and relish the joys of this time of year.


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Summer Must Haves for Home + Travel

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Hey, it's Mariana. I'm the co-founder of Summer Fridays and the host of the


Life with Mariana podcast. There is one thing that I love and it's the summer. I love summer so


much traveling, being at home, doing things outside. There is something about the season that is


still magical and things that I really like to do this time of year. Whether I am home or I'm on


the road, there's some wellness things and habits and things that I like to do in my daily practice


that really make the season even better for me no matter where I am. So these are some of the


things that I do. So if you guys want to learn keep listening and before we get into the episode,


I'll do a little life update with you. I love doing these life updates because the podcast is


called Life with Mariana. So I felt like I really wanted to share with you guys more of my life.


And so if you guys haven't caught them yet, each week I'm doing a little update of what's been


going on in the last week, things that are going on. And this last week was really great. I was


back in town from being in France and being on vacation and I totally used jet lag to my advantage.


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