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Shades of Death Road

Astonishing Legends

Scott Philbrook

History, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 23 July 2023

⏱️ 126 minutes

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There is a road in Warren County, New Jersey, that, according to many generations of locals, seems to be a vortex or at least a hotspot of all manner of paranormal and unsettling activity. Tales of Native American spirits seen along the roadside, ghostly victims of vigilante justice dangling from “The Hanging Tree,” spectral deer running alongside cars, murder and highway robbery, UAPs and glowing orbs, the ghost from a 1950s Prom Date car accident still in her burned dress limping home, and even disturbing Polaroids of distressed people scattered in the woods are all part of the lore of this nearly 7-mile stretch of road officially and aptly named, Shades of Death Road. But with such an ominous and foreboding name, does this country road live up to the hype, and how did it get its name? Perhaps one could dismiss Shades of Death Road as just another random community locus that births Urban Legends, except that it’s not the only haunting and notorious landmark in the area. Adjacent to the road are two other mysteriously named topographical features, Ghost Lake and Jenny Jump Mountain, each with their own disturbing stories. So is the collection of incidents from these places merely a coincidence that fuels imagination and legends, or does this particular swath of earth generate the creepy activity that happens upon it? Let’s find out as we deep drive down Shades of Death Road.

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I have never run faster in my life.


Well, my name's Max Kelso.


I'm an eagle scout.


I was in troop 311.


So was your gut instinct immediately


that this was something that was not human.


Suddenly, even though I'm all bundled up warm,


I go cold shiver.


All of a sudden there was this column shaped


very discreet mist.


There was a mist in your mist.


I'm talking about the cryptids and other dimensions.


It is a very cute cut.


It's not real.


It's not happening.


I was binge naked and afraid last night.


So astonishing legends.


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