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🗓️ 17 September 2018

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In the late 1960s, three women were murdered after attending the same nightclub. But aside from their location, all three women had something very specific in common. Was this thing they had in common the reason they were killed or was their killer, a man now known as Bible John, after them because they were frequenting a nightclub known for hookups and infidelity? It is now decades later and police are still looking for a red-haired man last seen with all three women.

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Hi, Crime Junkies. I'm Ashley Flowers. And I'm Brett. And I have a story for you today that I just


recently learned about from watching a YouTuber. There is this girl named Georgia Marie who does


midweek mysteries, kind of like we do here every week. She covers a different case and she's


actually from the UK. So often I hear stories from her that don't get covered here in the US or in


a lot of the podcasts that I listen to. I know a lot of you listen to us at work and don't worry,


I won't tell your bosses. But after you listen to our show, while you're sitting at your desk or


on your computer or on your phone, go to YouTube and check out Georgia Marie's channel. You can deep


dive into her midweek mysteries for an extra fix of true crime. And one of the stories you'll see when


you're there to go check her out is that of a serial killer who I'd never known of, but whose crimes


are well known in the UK, especially in Glasgow, Scotland, the largest city in Scotland,


where the murders took place and are still unsolved. And the authorities to this day


are still looking for a man that they've called Bible John.


It took three murders before Bible John got his name. So when the first victim Patricia was found


in February of 1968, people just chalked it up to the ever growing crime rate of the area.


No one realized that this was just the beginning of what was to come. Patricia was a 25-year-old nurse


who had recently separated from her husband and was living at home with her parents and her four-year-old


son. Patricia normally worked nights, but on the night of February 22nd, she had the night off,


so she wanted to go out with her friends. And Patricia told her family that she was going to the


majestic ballroom that night. And truthfully, she may have gone there to start the night, but they


closed at 10.30. Or she may have been lying to her family altogether because what we know is that


she ended up at a place called the Barrelland Ballroom. And she went for there over 25 nights.


And this went on from 8 o'clock to midnight on Thursdays. And it was actually referred to as grab


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