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Season 7 Continues in Two Weeks!

Highside / Lowside: Motorcycle Podcast


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🗓️ 7 July 2023

⏱️ 3 minutes

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Spurg & Zack with be back on July 21st with FortNine's RyanF9!

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Hello highside lowside listeners, it is I, Spurge, and Dunbar, half of your favorite podcasting


dynamic duo. On behalf of Zach Courts and myself, I just want to say, hopefully you


had a fantastic 4th July filled with fun, family, and fireworks that is unless you reside


in the UK. Because let's be honest people, 1776 was not a good year for you. No, sorry.


But the point of that is, it's been a crazy summer. There's a lot of stuff going on.


Family vacations, bike reviews. Some of us are getting married, get on adventure


fest. Zach and I are going to spend four days of pre-riding adventure bikes to build


out all the trails and then we're going to spend four days riding adventure bikes with all


of you out there that are planning on attending. There's a lot going on. Chances are you have


a lot going on too. You got family vacations, you got motorcycle trips your own. So we're going


to take a bit of a summer siesta. Zach and I aren't breaking up. We're just taking


a break. But we do have some fun and exciting stuff in store for you when we return. Kicking


things off on July 21st, we will be with Ryan Ford 9, his God-given name. We will also


have Dutelona motorcycle. And we have a season finale with a guest so spectacular, I can't


even say it yet. And it's not because we don't know who it is yet. It's just that I want


to try and build the suspense. Until we return, you can see she ate your two wheel curiosity


with all the other videos that we have rolling out at remzilla.com. We've got common tread


with all of your daily news you could possibly handle. And perhaps you're not caught up


on high side low side. Season seven was a doozy. In addition to all of our regular guests


like Lance Oliver and Patrick Garvin and Erie Henning, we also had special guests like


Abby, who runs the Bikerius website and the iconic motorbikes auction site. We also


had SAGAR SHELDAKAR from his Indian YouTube channel where we talk about motorcycling in


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