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Scott Carter on ‘Ye Gods! With Scott Carter’

Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air

The Ringer

Society & Culture

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🗓️ 29 April 2023

⏱️ 62 minutes

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Larry is joined by producer and playwright Scott Carter to discuss his new podcast ‘Ye Gods! With Scott Carter’. They begin their conversation by talking about why Scott wanted to create the pod and how a near-death asthma attack led to an epiphany that kickstarted his journey into the study and consideration for all religions. Next, they dive into Scott’s path to becoming a television producer, the production methods he developed while working with Bill Maher, and his take on Tucker Carlson (18:12). After the break, Scott explains his own interpretation of God, how it’s positioned within the wide proliferation of religions, and if faith can exist within a world of broad scientific advancements (38:02). They end the pod by pondering if God is necessary to have a moral life and shine a light on the state of religion in America (50:13). Host: Larry Wilmore Guest: Scott Carter Associate Producer: Chris Sutton Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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