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SARAH SILVERMAN Went to the Bedford Mall Cinemas

Family Trips with the Meyers Brothers

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🗓️ 30 January 2024

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Hi, Sufi. How are you? I'm good. Very nice to see you. Hopefully people know these aren't recorded the day you're listening to them, but I can tell you that the day we're recording this intro and it's very fitting because we're talking to a fellow granite


stater Sarah Silverman it is the day of the New Hampshire primary.


Yeah it was always such a big deal for us. It was such a big deal. We were very lucky. Yeah, I was student council president and every


candidate came through. It was the year that Clinton won. So Clinton, Bill Clinton was there. I met Paul Songus. I met Paul Simon. I was in a tiny


meeting room with like 10 people in Bill Clinton. Also he's speaking at a high school where there were maybe like 20 kids of voting age.


Yeah. Which was just crazy.


And I would say that those kids who were old enough to vote were probably the ones least likely to care about their


representation in government. There was a little hotel that we spent one


night in when we first moved to New Hampshire, Sheridan Wayfair, the Sheridan Wayfair, which I don't think is there anymore, but it was the hub.


It was where everyone stayed.


It was where every political operative stayed.


It was where every candidate stayed. And it is crazy to me that were the first primary. Like, I also, it's very crazy. I don't feel like it's wrong that the Democratic Party has moved it to South Carolina I feel like that's a bit more


representative it is weird I will say a couple of things about all that the


Sheridan Wayfair I remember later when I was in college I started reading all these


old Hunter S Thompson articles he wrote for Rolling Stone and he would go to New


Hampshire and cover things like the primaries and he stated to Sheridan Wayfare and I remember being blown away that


someone was writing about a place that I had driven by and even stayed once.


Yeah. That was one of the coolest things. Also, when you were student council president,


Major Flex, I was class treasurer


and I got to introduce Jerry Brown,


who then went on, of course to be governor of California and all the kids when you introduced a candidate you had to wear a suit and tie but I'm sure it was mostly just tie. I don think any he said suits yeah you had a


blazer probably khaki pants weird blazer and tie but I because Jerry Brown


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