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S7E04: Best Beginner Bikes: The CTXP Post-show Breakdown

Highside / Lowside: Motorcycle Podcast


Motorcycles, Automotive, Leisure, Motorcyclenews, Revzilla

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🗓️ 12 May 2023

⏱️ 119 minutes

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In this episode of Highside/Lowside, Ari Henning joins Zack and Spurg to take a deeper dive into the world of beginner bikes after their latest adventure on CTXP! What’s that? You haven’t checked out the most recent episode of Common Tread XP? If not, watch our team take 5 different beginner bikes from different categories and determine (in a not so scientific way) which one is best. Let us know your thoughts on beginner bikes and what you started off on!

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Welcome to episode four of season seven of the high side low side podcast. I am Spurgeon Dunbar


I'm joined by my co-host Zachary Quartz and we have got a doozy of an episode for you today


We're gonna be discussing best beginner motorcycles with airy heading for the not the news topic


We're gonna dive into some of the more interesting things that we saw lost at Moto GP and speaking of interesting things at Moto GP


It's getting a word from our sponsor


Yes indeed, so one of the things that Spurgeon I saw at Moto GP in Austin, Texas was motool banners everywhere


And do you know why that is everybody?


That's because motool is in some of the engines of our heroes sponsoring Moto GP and


Operating at the highest level on the planet not unlike high side low side


I'm sure Spurgeon would agree


This is the Moto GP of podcasts and so it only makes sense that motool sponsors us here at high side low side


We'd like to thank motool for that sponsorship and remind you that to learn what oil is best for your machine


You can go to revzilla.com slash motool. That's revzilla.com slash M-O-T-U-L


While you're over there on revzilla.com make sure you check out our RPM program


That's the riders plus membership program where you get discounts on all things across all of our brands


You're gonna get cash back just for signing up and in addition to that you get river pro for a year


River is a navigation app making it very easy for you to get on your motorcycle and


Plan out a trip that will take you anywhere you want to go so to learn more about the RPM program and all the benefits


Make sure you check out revzilla.com slash RPM now. Let's get this show started


Okay, Doki everybody intro out of the way we're off to the races here


episode four of season seven first up not the news as Spurgeon mentioned


Which we will dive into in just a moment here as a friendly reminder the way not the news works these days


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