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S6E12: Season Finale feat. Donut Media’s Jeremiah!

Highside / Lowside: Motorcycle Podcast


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🗓️ 3 February 2023

⏱️ 130 minutes

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Jeremiah from Donut Media takes a break from HiLow for some Highside/Lowside with Zack and Spurg! In this episode, the gang takes a look back at the topics we’ve covered over the past season and get his take on everything from beater bikes to helmet laws! Tell us what you think about season 6 of HSLS in the comments!

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Spurger with my co-host Zach Courts to welcome you to the season finale of high side low side


We are wrapping up season six and as always we're going to hit on some not the news with some information about


Royal Enfield and some of the stuff they're doing but the story of the episode today is that we have


Jeremiah Burton from donut media on as our guest and like we do with every season finale


We go through and we are going to throw some questions at Jeremiah that we hit on throughout the season


We're then going to keep him on for the engine sound guessing game


We've got a special viewer comment that we're going to have Jeremiah weigh in on and then we're going to


Say goodbye to him and we're going to give away a t-shirt as always but before we do any of that Zach


What are we going to do?


We are going to give a tip of the cap to our friends over at mode tool now


I've got a question for you high side low side


Viewers and listeners when was the last time you cleaned your chain or change your oil or maintain your motorcycle?


Was it before season six of high side low side started because if so you might be due and


When you maintain your motorcycle whether it's changing the oil cleaning the chain or just given it a good old polish


You can use mode tool products because then you'll be supporting high side low side and you can find and you know


All mode tool products for sale at revzilla.com slash mode tool. That's revzilla.com slash


M O T U L and if you want to save a little bit of money on everything from


M O tool to helmets jackets and gloves and boots and everything in between while you're over there


You can head over to revzilla.com slash RPM and if you check out the RPM membership


There's cash back offers. There's special discounts. You can get on motorcycle gear


It's it's our our way of of kind of furthering the revzilla community and one of the things that is an additional perk on that is the


Common tread journal, which is a print magazine that Zach courts in myself help write and produce and there will be


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