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S2 Ep 10: CAROLINE HIRONS & RUTH CRILLY - Beauty Experts

At Home With...

Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton

Fashion & Beauty, Business, Arts, Careers, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 19 September 2018

⏱️ 67 minutes

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Closing Series Two in a fit of hysterical giggles! Our good friends; Skincare expert Caroline Hirons and Fashion Model and Writer Ruth Crilly, join us for our final episode of the series. 

We got thoroughly distracted attempting to discuss running an online business, navigating motherhood with a career and interiors. Instead we learn about the brutal challenge of raising daughters, swap ghost stories, admit to fails when trying to switch off and promise to stop caring what others think, all whilst sitting together in Ruth’s stunning Somerset home! 

We advise you listen somewhere you can laugh loudly and away from the ears of small children!

You can listen along, and see photos of the items we talk about in this episode, on Acast. Follow: @lilypebbles @theannaedit @modelrecommend @carolinehirons

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Is it me or Jafil? Inspired? Accelerated? Overcome with the sheer emotion of using a paint with such a wonderful depth of colour?


Yeah, I feel all of it poor.


Jafil a bit cold is what I was actually going to ask John.


Heritage by Duelux, it's a feeling.


Hi, I'm Lily Pebbles. I'm Anna Newton and welcome back to the final episode of season two of At Home With.


I can't believe it's the final episode. I can't believe it.


This feels very weird. It feels bittersweet.


Yeah, it's, it's feels sad but also like, this also feels like it's been going on for a long time.


It feels like we've been podcasting for about two years with this season.


And also we had that little two week break so we're finally here at the final episode.


Oh, it's a good one.


Oh my god, I've been so excited for this one for so long.


But before we get to the bit about our final guess, let's rewind and have a chat about last week's episode with Callie Thorpe,


which we received so much feedback about.


I think more than ever, I've never noticed like that many tweets and she's been sharing all the feedback on her Instagram.


Yeah, I'm so glad that you guys loved it as much as we did.


Irene on Twitter said, every single woman needs to listen to this episode.


I cried more than once. Thank you for making this kind of content and sharing so much positivity.


I actually received a ton of DMs on Instagram and even emails from those sharing their stories of their complex relationships with food and their bodies.


Hannah on Twitter said it was her favorite episode so far and again we just want to thank Callie for being such a positive influence in our industry and opening up about such an important topic.


Thank you, Callie for that. My sister texted me saying, oh my god, I'm crying my eyes out listening.


I mean, are we obviously cried during that episode and I definitely cried listening to it back as well.


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