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S1-E05: Baiting the Hook

Good Assassins

iHeartPodcasts and Diversion

History, True Crime

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🗓️ 23 April 2021

⏱️ 47 minutes

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Herbert Cukurs invited "Anton Kuenzle" to visit him at his home, not knowing, of course, "Kuenzle" is the spy Mio, undercover. So the spy prepares for the meeting. He doesn't know what Cukurs wants, which was the real question. Most spies use a handful of motives to get people to do what they want: money, sex, patriotism. But Cukurs was an odd fish. He seemed to want to be a hero again, to be beloved. The spy couldn’t offer him that - so what could he dangle in front of the Butcher?

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That's 855-512 Gold. Once again, that's 855-512 Gold. My father was a block star. It was


like Biddlemania. But not here in America. Dean Reed criticized the American government from


behind the Iron Curtain. He had lots of enemies. He wanted to come back home and then


the unthinkable happened. Dean the Reed died. Come with me, Ramona Reed, to learn more about the


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This episode contains descriptions of graphic violence and scenes of genocide.


The listener's discretion is advised.


Nio was back in São Paulo. He'd had a few close brushes on his trip to Brazilia. We'd almost


been spotted by some Israeli friends. But his cover was still intact. At his hotel,


Nio found business letters and telegrams waiting for him. Requesting your authorization to close


a $100,000 deal we discussed prior to your departure, Red One. The letters looked real, but they weren't.


Nio's massage boss, back in Paris, Yosuf Yareve, had sent them in case the butcher was checking


up on his new friend Anton Kunzla while he was out of town.


Herbert Zooker's had invited Kunzla to visit him and his family at his home, so he was getting ready


for the meeting. He had no idea what would happen, but they would ask him. He didn't even know what


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