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S08E04: Motorcycle Trivia Challenge! (Play Along!)

Highside / Lowside: Motorcycle Podcast


Motorcycles, Automotive, Leisure, Motorcyclenews, Revzilla

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🗓️ 15 March 2024

⏱️ 133 minutes

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Evel Knievel was a semi-pro in what sport? What bike inspired NASA’s lunar-motorcycle?

Join Zack & Spurg as they go head-to-head for a special surprise in Highside Lowside’s first-ever Motorcycle Trivia Challenge! Hosted by the one-and-only Spenser Robert with a guest appearance from The Silver Fox: Lance Oliver!

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High Side Low Side, Season 8, Episode 4, and you are in for a treat because it's me, Spurgeon Dunbar, it's him,


Zachary Quartz, my co-host, but what you're about to get is something we've never done before.


It's the Motorcycle Trivia Challenge hosted by Spencer Robert.


We're still going to have a not the news episode, or not the news segment around speed cameras. We're still going to have it not the news episode or not the news segment around speed cameras.


We're still going to talk about all the comments at the end.


Before we get in any of this though, we need to do our regular old thing, which is a word from our sponsor,




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So learn more about all of that at our PM.


That's RevZill.com slash RPM.


Now, on with the trivia extra Extravagansa.


Well, for as I was about the trivia extra


there, it bears mention that we need to first do not the news,


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