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S07E07: Are Trikes Bikes?

Highside / Lowside: Motorcycle Podcast


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🗓️ 23 June 2023

⏱️ 111 minutes

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In this episode of Highside/Lowside, Zack & Spurg welcome back Spenser Robert to talk trikes!

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Welcome welcome everybody to high side low side. This is season seven episode seven Zach here spurge in there


The topic this time around will be three wheelers. So our trikes bikes our guest for this discussion will be the lovely


Spencer Robert will also be talking about an agreement to do with hydrogen powered vehicles from the big four in Japan and a letter from a viewer


Listener about taking a child on the back of a motorcycle whether or not it has three wheels


We'll have to learn that later, but first a word from our sponsor


So if you've been paying attention to the Revzule YouTube channel recently


You know that my beloved KTM 890 rally has had quite a thrashing this spring


Zach used it for a daily rider episode


I used it for a week out in the Mojave desert for get on a venture fest


It's now back in Philadelphia and it needs to be refreshed because I have get on a venture fest in July and the black hills


Where's that can I will be and I reach for motul for the engine oil for the cleaner for the chain lube


I have got all of my motul products ready to go and that's what I will be doing this weekend


So if your bike needs a little bit of preparation as you get ready to join Zach and I forget on a venture fest or whatever your summer holds


Make sure you check out Revzule.com slash motul for all your engine oil and cleaner needs


That's M-O-T-U-L and while you're over there on Revzule.com


Make sure you check out the RPM program which stands for riders plus


Membership for all kinds of great deals and much much more and just remember that every time


You make a purchase at Revzule.com. It goes to help out Zach and I create programs


Just like the one you're about to partake in so check out Revzule.com for all your motorcycle needs and without any further ado


Let's get this show started


Alrighty everybody off we go on the yet another highside lowside journey. Are you ready Spurge? Are your bags packed?


Speaking of bags being packed Zach. I actually want to give a shout out to the Czech Republic


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