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Run For Your Life (1904 Olympic Marathon)

Hall of Shame

Rachel Bonnetta

Society & Culture, Sports, Comedy

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🗓️ 7 September 2020

⏱️ 41 minutes

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Rachna is going to need Rachel to pack a water bottle. The 1904 Olympics were, to be generous, a catastrophe. Against a backdrop of horrible planning, racist sideshows, and the worst racing conditions in history, a motley crew of unlucky runners lined up for the marathon. Then they started dropping like flies. And when things are such a disaster from the start, the only way to finish is with a little illicit help.

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Hey everybody, I'm Rachel Bonetta and I'm Rechna Frappon and this is Hall of Shame.


Hi Rachel. Hello. How are you feeling my friend? I am missing an organ that I once had. I got my


gallbladder removed. You guys. And now your gallbladder less. I'm gallbladder less. I am on a strict


diet of just basically jello and soup which is miserable. For how long? I don't know. I don't know.


It's kind of like a touch and go situation. I got to feel how I'm feeling basically. I also have


to warn you that I'm still somewhat on drugs. So this could get a little... That's just like a fun


situation. Hey. Hi. Can I tell you two quick stories? Yeah. The first one being when I was coming out of


my anesthesia. I met this lovely nurse shout outs to Tim. Okay. Tim gave me lots of drugs at the


hospital and I tweeted something out about that. I was just like I just got my gallbladder removed,


shout outs to Tim. Tim managed to find this, started tweeting me and I was like oh dear Lord Jesus,


what did I say? Because you were just like loopy. I was just stony baloney all night long hanging


out with my pal Tim. You're like Tim. I don't know what I said. Are we married? Are we what's going on?


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