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Richard Nixon...WOMP WOMP


Julia Hava & Eliza McLamb

Society & Culture

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🗓️ 8 May 2024

⏱️ 73 minutes

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The girlies pick up the story of marijuana where they left off in the 1960’s, exploring how weed evolved from America’s enemy to capitalism’s sweetheart. They discuss the student protestors who lit up for peace, the drug war collab between Nixon and Reagan, how the cops convinced kids to snitch on their parents, and more! Digressions include an exciting geographical announcement, a two year old who can’t read, and Nancy Reagan off the percs.

This episode was produced by Julia Hava and Eliza Mclamb and edited by Allison Hagan.

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What marijuana reclassification means for the United States

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Welcome to Binch Topia.


We hope you enjoy your stay.


Hi everybody, welcome back to Binchtopia.


Hello and welcome back.


I'm Julia Hava.


I have Eliza McClayo.


Eliza's a little sick right now as you can tell.


Like you're not disguising it girl.


It's not...


She was like, I'm just going to sniffle really quietly so that nobody notices that I'm sick.


I'm like, I think they're going to gonna know if you would like to support us on


patron you can go to patreon.com slash binchtopia where you can get access to our


media sods our bonus episodes and our monthly zooms so true we've been having a lot of fun in the


Patreon. We had a wonderful Zoom meeting the last time we really spelled some tea


like we were getting your we're always spelling key. I need to talk about how the Boeing, two more Boeing people were found


dead. I think it's two. Wow. Let me, I sent it to you and I like, we must discuss this. Let me find it.


Yeah, two died. Two more whistleblowers died. Like, I'm sorry, this is not a quinc, a quinc-


a quinc-a dank at this point.


That's so crazy.


Yeah, a second whistleblower has died under mysterious circumstances


just two months after another one


allegedly shot himself in the head.


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