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Retro RHLSTP 71 - Limmy

RHLSTP with Richard Herring

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🗓️ 12 February 2024

⏱️ 75 minutes

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RETRO RHLSTP #71 - Monopoly Penguin - Rich is on the cusp of a couple of massive life changes, but he won’t let ageing and moving get in the way of asking comedians strange questions in an attempt to make them reveal intimate truths. Today he talks to a man with inventive ideas for revenge and murder, Limmy.

They discuss being concreted into the pavement, manspreading, swearing xylophones, fake whatsapps, undescended testicles, sea lion genitals, how to save money when touring, the joy of travelling the world and seeing nothing but Columbo and dedicate a lot of time to the best tactics required to win at Monopoly.


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Hello, welcome to the Rich sharing podcast Feeds powered by AECAS Plus.


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podcasts. The Johanneslobut tour continues Richard Herring.com slash Ruhalistoa tour continues. Richard Herring.


dot com slash Rahalisto per for all those dates.


I'm in Colchester on the 9th of February


with Mary Beard and Tony Gardner from my parents are aliens.


A tonne a lot of other stuff as well, but that's the only one. Beard and Tony Gardner from my parents are aliens.


He's a ton of other stuff as well, but that's the only one


I'm going to mention.


And then we are onwards with our journey.


We're going to be in Bedford on the 15th of February


and then Bristol, which is sold out.


A few of these are sold out.


There's some exciting guests coming up and more guests will be announced very soon.


In Bedford we've got the exploding heads and


olef falaf all so do come along there's lots of room in that one lots of room in


hull as well at the end of the tour but the others are selling pretty well


original hering dot com slash from hullers to put let's sit back relax and enjoy whichever podcast you are listening to now.


When Theona started these fancy flowers, she used a fax machine to get in touch with her suppliers, her investors and


her customers too. But as her business went from a hundred customers to ten thousand, she


realized it was time to finally embrace modern technology.


Facts machines, they're kind of like your business current account.


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