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Recent Obsessions with Jack Black

In Bed with Nick and Megan


Relationships, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 6 April 2020

⏱️ 66 minutes

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JACK BLACK gets in virtual bed with Nick and Megan to discuss the early days of Tenacious D, his electric chair meal and shares a list of his recent obsessions.

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Everybody loves and loves. I'm a lover. Everybody loves me. Anyhow, best how I feel.


Wow, I feel just like a polyamph.


Hello, everyone. And welcome to another installment of the world famous number one podcast in bed with Nick and Megan starring the illustrious Nick offerman. Good evening featuring his poor wife Megan.


And today, today extra super special guest starring Mr. Jackie Blacky.


Simply as Jack Black. Hi, Jack. Hi, how are you? I love it. I love it when you call me Jackie. Jackie Blacky. I've always called you that I think you're like the only one who calls me Jackie, other than my cousins,


up in Washington state. Maybe we're related. Maybe I'm a cousin of yours and it's in the blood. Maybe you've spoken. I love spoken. Spoken. I love a town. Home of whites boots. Is that right? Yeah, really great old school custom lumberjack work boot company.


That's your go to boot the white's boot. Yeah, that's my jam. I never knew that about you. I did not expect this to take a sharp left into work boots, but here we are. I took you for a tumbling kind of guy.


Someday those are that's my cash. Did you have red wings also? Yeah, I'll wear a red wing. What about so rails? I like them so rails.


That's nice for for a medium hike. Nice. So we're here to talk about boots today, everybody. Welcome to boots. So yeah, and text us with your any boot questions you might have. That's not true.


I bought some cowboy boots recently. Oh, I saw you dancing very. Yeah.


I'm I'm what am I trying to say? I'm trying to say that I've never seen anyone dance quite that well wearing cowboy boots. Yeah, you know, it's actually real good. If you're doing a heel toe kind of dance, you can spin on that heel almost. Yeah.


Almost like an infinite amount of twirls. You're so graceful, but also a lot of those moves like those Russian sort of squat kicks you were doing.


Yeah, quite a lot of strengths. It's crazy. The athleticism that you display and the height of the kick that you kick like above your head. Yeah. Yeah.


I'm just a limber. Well, I haven't had any formal training, but you know, a life of musical theater will lead to those kinds of skills.


I saw you the first time at the old Largo on Fairfax way back in the 90s. Oh, yeah.


I thought everybody in there thought who the fuck is that guy? He's so amazing. You're both were such so great that you know, you're ban so great.


But how did that all come together? I mean, we we now and you very nicely. We perform at Largo. Now I have my band Nancy and Beth, which you know, very junior to Tenacious.


But you came and played with us once. That was so nice. A hundred percent love Nancy and Beth. How did your whole Largo thing come about?


Well, you know, we were kind of on the scene doing our our Tenacious D routine around 94 was our first kind of official gig.


And we played a little place called called a Alzbar in downtown LA. There's only like 12 people in the audience. We only had one song. It was tribute.


We were opening for a friend of ours. Steve Marmarco. He had a band called the Abe Lincoln story. We, you know, we approached it with our usual zeal. Like we were playing to a hundred thousand people.


But it was really just some drunken hipsters and David Cross. He was in the audience. He was one of the drunken hipsters. And and he gave us our next gig. He was like, Hey, do you guys want to go play this sort of like live version of Mr. Show in the mid 90s?


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