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Re-Release: Guy Code 2020 with Jon Gabrus

Culture Kings



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🗓️ 26 October 2020

⏱️ 81 minutes

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(Re-Release from 1/13/20) Edgar and Jacquis are joined by Jon Gabrus (Action Boys, The Gino Lombardo Show) to give premises from the tv show Guy Code a 2020 update.

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You know, have you ever been like in this


culture kings?


You know, have you ever been like in this situation?


I was thinking about the first time me and just like romantically hooked up, not like made out for the first time, right?


And we made out. I want to dig into what you mean by romantically hooked up so hard


I was trying to I was trying to say hook up I went romantically hooked up sounds better than hook up because hook up a lot of times implies sex


Okay and our first time like having any case when the kiss had some sort of romance


Yeah, you wasn't just trying to get you wasn't just trying to like like it wasn't like a drunken not that those are


Right right right right, right, right, but I am walking the line so hard I feel you I feel you I'm me too, me too, but I what you're saying. The first time there was like passion and like...


Yeah, it wasn't just this this wasn't like a hookup of just like we're just horny. It was like, oh, we're we like each other, we're kissing.


Like you said some nice kind words before.


I said, I said, you smell good today.


Wow, the bar is late.


And then, but, but, so we're making out and like the whole time we're making out I have to fart so bad.


And of course I'm holding it. And we make out for like 20, 30 minutes I feel like.


Jesus to be young. To be young. I know, we were 20. I kiss on on once now and I go not again I do


like I this this is gonna sound so bad I listen I you know I'm a I'm a very passionate person but like it's getting to the point now where because we


hug so much I give just like just like the little pat hooks.


Yeah I totally go with you. I'm tired, bro. Like, good lord, man, how many tight


hugs do we need to? But you're holding in this fart. I'm holding in this fart, dude, and


it's so bad. And like like I want to stop making out so I can just go to the bathroom


and rip ass yeah and she didn't and I held that far for about a good 30-40 minutes man and it was the most


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