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Raveling Out

Appalachian Mysteria

Jam Street Media

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🗓️ 12 April 2022

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The unsolved murder of a young couple in Shenandoah National Park shakes the gay and lesbian communities. One year later, a bicyclist is assaulted in the same area, and authorities begin to suspect him of serial murder. Resources and Links: "Murder on the Mountain" (1996) — Barry Yeoman's article quoted and discussed in this episode. Trail map of Shenandoah National Park — Julie and Lollie were killed just off the Skyland / Big Meadows Horse Trail, not far from Skyline Drive. Interviewees: Yvonne Malbasha — A Canadian paramedic and cyclist, enjoying a ride along picturesque Skyline Drive in Virginia's Shenandoah National Park. Yvonne does not realize she is being stalked by a man named Darrell Rice, who eventually tries to abduct her. Yvonne tells a harrowing story about the man who will soon become a suspect in multiple homicides. Barry Yeoman — A journalist teaching at Duke and Wake Forest universities. Barry wrote the best existing article on the lives of Julie Williams and Lollie Winans, the lesbian couple whose murder this whole season revolves around. Barbara Nordin –– A former reporter for The Hook who covered the Shenandoah murders and their aftermath, as well as Malbasha’s case against Rice. 06:05 – Canadian Bicyclist — Yvonne Malbasha 09:56 – Former Reporter for The Hook— Barbara Nordin 17:46 – Former Special Agent — Tim Alley 26:14 – Journalist Professor — Barry Yeoman  Thank you to our sponsor June's Journey. Download June’s Journey free today on the Apple App Store or Google Play! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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July 9, 1997. Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. A Canadian woman named Ivan Malfasha is bicycling


a scenic road alone. I was, I don't know, maybe 30, 40 meters in the dirt road I had turned


off the parkway towards the rest stop. And I was aware that there was a vehicle behind me


from the noise. And then I could see I always had a helmet mirror so I could see then in my little mirror.


He had come up so close to her that she could feel the heat from his truck.


And then next thing I realized I was being nudged by the vehicle off my bike so I lost my footing.


And then he got out of his vehicle to come around and I thought he was coming to apologize


and making sure I was okay and this was a bad moment that he attacked me. He threw a bomb of water


at her and she yelled at him. He was yelling at me, then he started to pull up me. That's when I


realized that she was actually trying to get me into his vehicle. She had bicycle cleats on.


It's virtually impossible to run in cleats on the zones of your shoes. They're very slippery and


they elevate the shoe for clipping into the pedal. So I realized I couldn't run. In this thick


underbrush off the road into the woods frantically trying to get away from him. And I knew that the only


way my only hope really was to hold onto my bicycle because he couldn't get the bicycle under me


into his vehicle. She barricaded herself behind a fallen tree just behind me and I was able to


to get on the other side of this fallen tree so that became an additional barrier to him.


And he got in his vehicle and he was ramming the tree five or six times. We couldn't drive over it.


He finally gave up and drove off. Needless to say I was absolutely shocked. I was hurt.


And then a whole sequence of events unfolded. So I was just so lucky. A car came along and I


must have looked like hell because the driver stopped and asked me if I was okay and I said no.


And they said could they call someone? I said yes. And I guess they called a park ranger


because a park ranger was there within a couple of minutes after that. He was able to radio


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