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Psycho Eyes (Airdate 4/10/2024)

Bob & Sheri

Now! Media | Bob & Sheri

Comedy, Comedy Interviews

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🗓️ 10 April 2024

⏱️ 80 minutes

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A Reusable Disposable Camera?

Appreciate Where You Are.

Morons in the News.

Things Bob Didn’t Know.

Everyone Needs a Laugh.

Bob Got Screwed in Childhood.

Talkback Callers.

Psycho Eyes.

Can You Believe This S***?

True Crime Time.

From the Vault.

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we have a big big show ahead let's get it going. The Bob and Cherry show with Sherry. You know you talk a good game and you're all


Me Me Me Me and Bob. I am not Meing and now broadcasting from the Polisial Bob and Sherry studios, it's Bob and Sherry.


Oh, welcome to the Bob and Sherry.


So, big one for you today.


We've got comedian Mark Sweeney.


We're going to tell you the story of how the sneeze guard at the buffet came to be, and I know you're going, what?


Girl, listen, the drama, the intrigue, the highs, the lows, the heartbreak, the the disappointment it's such a story so I have to tell you guys


like my husband is convinced I'm slowly poisoning him or trying to murder him or whatever because of all the true


crime I watch but I am not the person who's going to take him out.


The person who's going to take him out is our youngest child, Karamea.


So Karamea, they were on spring break, so Caramee was home for a few days, and


Caramea went to big lots and bought, it's a pale green plastic 35 millimeter film camera okay so it's not it's not anything I think it was like


$14 it's not anything fancy it's a cheap plastic 35


millimeter film camera and so Kevin and I are sitting out in the driveway.


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