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Pillow Sh*t with Chris Redd

Culture Kings



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🗓️ 10 August 2020

⏱️ 85 minutes

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Chris Redd (SNL, Popstar) joins Edgar and Jacquis to talk about doing shows in quarantine, SNL, throwing cousins under the bus, and more!

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culture kings.


All my shorts, you know, like last year I really started to kind of revamp and and rebuy you know pieces of my wardrobe and shit and so like I bought a bunch of like just you know thighs out shorts good looking shorts you know to


wear out and be fashionable and whenever this shit is over I'm not going to want to


wear those shorts again because they've just been basically pajamas for me for the past five months.


Like they're not fashionable shorts anymore.


I mean, you know me like for me, you know as I started gaining weight and she like that, I was like, oh, let me get into joggers let me get into more comfortable


where and like I had some nice sets like you know what I mean like almost like


track suit sets I have some nice bottoms and it's like I've just worn those and sometimes I wear them to bed. I'm not going front.


Sometimes I'm just in the joggers and I'm just climbing to bed and go to sleep and it's like what the


fuck's the point? Yeah, what's the point? Like, you know, I'm not taking showers every day either.


And so, you know, I'll be wearing these same shorts and be like, man, my ass is dirty.


I got it. But then I don't put him in the laundry so I'll just take him off, you know, shake him out. This is nasty bro. Like quarantine is hitting all his heart. I'm not gonna let you go. I'm not going let you open up yourself like that.


The amount of outfits that I've been wearing like dress shirts and church pants because I let my laundry get pile get so big


that I was just like this is the only clothes I have left I started wearing church


clothes inside because I had no more clothes left because I had worn everything and then here's why that's


crazy because just like you I'll be wearing the same exact pants for like four days


straight so that means I like it wasn't like I'm going through all these


at a day at a time that means I've burned through multiple setups three four days


at a time and now I'm at the point where I'm like, yeah, let me wear this button up shirt in church pants.


I love it, dude.


Honestly, bro, it is, I hate doing laundry just in general, especially not actually having an in unit but Jess is a fucking freak like she


changes clothes like twice a day yeah so like she runs out of shit way before I do so she's doing laundry all the time and I'm like so


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